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April 26, 2010

Race Hustlers Turn on Obama

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Sooner or later the mob turns on their Messiah.

“He is not Moses, he is Pharaoh.”

“97% of our people voted for him.”

Show me the money!

Their sense of entitlement is off the charts.  Question though.  Who gives a single candidate 97% of their vote?  That is just sad.  Answer: primitive tribal societies like in Afghanistan,  Burundi, or Iraq– and of course minorities here in the U.S.  Where people vote as a collective for the strong man of their tribe to funnel the goodies back to them, like a Saddam Hussein or Hamid Karzai.  This is the racial legacy of the “progressives” over the last 40 years here in America– taking minorities backwards to our tribal days.

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  1. Yeah, but who wouldn’t fall for rhetoric like that? Still, I have to say to the people wandering in the desert of the Federal Plantation, “respectfully, and with love”, earn it yourself like everybody else.

    Comment by Thorvald — April 26, 2010 @ 06:13

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