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April 28, 2010

Chomsky Warns of Rise of the Far Right in the U.S.


Everywhere you look there are Nazis.

But never fear, Noam is here.

The wave of disillusionment with the government and its rulers causes concern among some politicians who do not know what impact this might have on the elections of next November. But for others the issue is more alarming.

“It’s very similar to Weimar Germany, the parallels are striking.” Here, too, there is a tremendous disappointment with the parliamentary system, pointed Chomsky interviewing on Truthdig.

“The United States is very lucky that no honest and charismatic figure has appeared, and if this were to happen this country would be in real trouble for the frustration, disillusionment and the justified anger combined with the absence of a coherent response,” he concludes.

In Germany, he recalls, an enemy was created to explain the crisis which was the Jew.  “Here they are the illegal immigrants and blacks. We will say that white men are a persecuted minority. We will say that we must uphold and defend the honor of the nation.  Military force will be exalted. There will be blows. This could be converted into an undeniable force. And if it takes place, it will be more dangerous than Nazi Germany. The United States is a world power … I do not believe that this is far from happening,” he says.



When the Left isn’t too busy cowering in fear of Islam, they’re calling you racists and Nazis.

You know what?  Maybe he’s onto something.  I mean, if you’re guilty no matter what of being a Nazi, you might as well reap some of the benefits, don’t you think?   With every single conservative household in America armed to the teeth, and the U.S. military basically on our side, it’s not like we couldn’t impose our theocracy overnight!  Overnight.  Think about it, you could have absolute power to do such Nazi things as observe National Day of Prayer, control your borders, wish people merry Christmas, etc.  Yeah, I know it’s not quite marching Liberals off to the gas chambers, but it’s a start!

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