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April 28, 2010

Geert Wilders Launches Bid for Prime Minister

Geert Wilders on the campaign trail.

This speech by Geert Wilders on April 26 officially launches his bid to reconquer Netherlands for the West.  This is a redacted version that touches mostly on the cultural themes.  English translation thanks to The Gates of Vienna.

Friday we presented our election program. And today our campaign begins. There was only one place we could do that: here in Rotterdam, here in Rotterdam-South [South bank of Rotterdam]. For this is not an ordinary city. This is the city of Coen Moulijn [1970s Feyenoord football celebrity], and Pietje Bell [famous children’s book series]. But more than anything else: this is the city of Pim Fortuyn. The man who paid with his life for his ideals.

This is also the city which is cracking at the seams like no other, as a result of mass immigration and Islamization. Entire neighborhoods are being Islamized. What was once the largest port in the world, is now the capital of Eurabia. A city of minarets and a mega-Mosque. There has never been any doubt about it. Only here in the city of Pim Fortuyn could we begin. And we do that tonight.

Here in Rotterdam we plant our flag and begin the reconquest of the Netherlands. We believe the best days of the Netherlands still lie ahead. That we are heading for a future that is many times more wonderful than what we leave behind us. If we only dare, if we only dare to choose. On June 9, the Netherlands can choose.

And the PVV wants to govern. We want to change the Netherlands. We want to take our responsibility. Without the PVV in a new government, the Netherlands will descend further into a morass of politically correct inaction. Without the PVV the problems of the Netherlands will not be solved, but will only worsen.

Meanwhile among many people the feeling arises that we are in the process of losing the Netherlands. Neighborhood after neighborhood, street after street, school after school. Mass immigration has achieved a sad record, and the coming years will only continue to explode. Crime is rampant, and anyone who watches “Opsporing Verzocht” [the TV program “Crime Watch”] for just two minutes knows that crime is often the result of the policy of “Sinterklaas come, but bring your servant inside”.

To many of the problems that afflict Netherlands the same diagnosis applies: elites have drifted away from reality and on their own started to do things that are no good to the ordinary people. Our elites have embraced the idea of “anything goes”. There is no good or evil, all cultures are equal, be they Islam or Christianity, shaking hands or not, who cares.

Even so, the Left-wing potentate have united with Islam. The Left and the Islam hitch up together. The leftist elite with pleasure closes its eyes to the reality: women’s oppression, hatred against gays, benefit dependency, street terrorism, the hostility towards democracy, etc.

Are we powerless? Should we patiently watch everything we hold dear being mangled by that nutty elite?

Of course not. The Netherlands must opt for solutions. If we want to, we can do it. Our ancestors saw a sloppy swamp-delta, and said: this will become an oasis. Rotterdam people once saw their city bombed to rubble, and said: together we put our shoulders under it. The Party for Freedom sees a country that is sinking further and further into the swamp and says: punch it up!

Full speech, here.


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