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April 29, 2010


This comes as no surprise whatsoever.  They’re as predictable as the day is long.  On just about any issue, watch for the Lib Media’s narrative.  Then believe the exact opposite.  I’ve found that to be a sound position in about 98.7% of the cases.

ABC and NBC Champion ‘Growing National Backlash’ Against ‘Laughing Stock’ Arizona

Extending the kind of respect they never provided the Tea Party activists, ABC and NBC on Tuesday night promoted what NBC anchor Brian Williams embraced as “the growing national backlash against the state of Arizona over its tough new immigration law that says police can stop people just on the suspicion they might be there illegally.” ABC’s Barbara Pinto touted how “the call for an economic boycott here has caught fire on the Internet” while NBC’s Andrea Mitchell trumpeted how “anger over the law has gone viral,” as both pointed to how the American Immigration Lawyers Association had canceled a conference – of a mere 400 attendees – scheduled for the state. NBC’s Mitchell played clips from two left-wing comedians, as she asserted: “It’s now gone beyond protest to threats of a boycott, as Arizona becomes a laughing stock to some.” Viewers then heard a joke from Saturday Night Live about “fascism” followed by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart: “It’s not unprecedented, having to carry around your papers. It’s the same thing free black people had to do in 1863.” After showcasing a Facebook page (“ Arizona , the Grand Canyon State , welcomes you unless you’re a Mexican or look like one”), Mitchell cited “a slap in the face” from Mexico which, ironically, warned its citizens about traveling to Arizona .

Times Reporter Turned Columnist Greenhouse on Arizona’s ‘Police State,’ Makes Nazi Comparison

Former New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse retains her fairness and balance: “I’m glad I’ve already seen the Grand Canyon . Because I’m not going back to Arizona as long as it remains a police state, which is what the appalling anti-immigrant bill that Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law last week has turned it into.”

CBS’s Smith: Hispanics See Arizona Law as ‘Purely Discriminatory’

Near the end of an interview with Arizona Senator John McCain on Tuesday’s CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith turned to the subject of illegal immigration and the new Arizona law to combat it: “a very tough immigration reform bill which basically makes it illegal for you to be in the state without some sort of documentation. Is this law the answer to the immigration crisis?” Smith followed up by wondering: “And for the millions of Hispanic Americans who live in Arizona , what do you say to them who feel like this bill is purely discriminatory?”

ABC: ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Immigration Protests vs. ‘Very Ugly’ Tea Party Rallies

In contrast, on March 20, World News host David Muir scolded, “Protesters against the [health care] plan gathered on the streets of the capital where late today we learned words shouted turned very ugly, reports of racial and homophobic slurs, one protester actually spitting on a Congressman.” Continuing to fret over those opposed the bill, he complained, “Late word from Washington tonight about just how ugly the crowds gathered outside the Longworth office building have become.”  On Saturday’s Good Morning America, reporter Mike Von Fremd downplayed the violence of protesters against Arizona’s new immigration law. He spun, “Riot police were called in to try and control demonstrators protesting outside the capital. Most were peaceful. A handful threw bottles at police and were arrested.” Yet, ABC derided March’s Tea Party rallies as “very ugly,” despite the fact that there were no arrests.

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  1. But those nasty tea-baggers must be THINKING horrible terrible dastardly things! I just know it!

    Comment by flagheldstrong — April 29, 2010 @ 10:09

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