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April 30, 2010

Immigration: Liberals Imposing A Leftwing Theocracy

Don’t Liberals believe in separation of church and state?  Then why are they trying to impose a theocracy on us?  Here a Liberal Episcopalian priest invokes the Bible in support of illegal immigration, open borders, and social/structural justice.

To God, no person is ‘illegal’

In western New York, one pastor recently told his congregation: “Don’t open your door to anyone – it is too dangerous.”  But it is not just immigrants who are afraid; fear pervades American society. Post 9-11, fear has dominated the immigration discussion and left many of us feeling paralyzed, pessimistic and angry.

Across our country, tension is again rising as some Americans, many of them former newcomers – immigrants themselves – see themselves in conflict with the newest immigrants. Fear appears to overcome hope, and the words of Psalm 137:4 come to mind: “How can we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?”

Most often when people approach me to discuss immigration, they want to begin with economics rather than God’s humanity: “Can we afford the costs of treating farm workers equally? Can we afford to give them safe and sanitary conditions?” People want to speak of legalisms instead of God’s commandments: “Well, they are here illegally, so they don’t deserve to be treated with respect.”

In God’s eyes, there is no documented or undocumented, there is no legal or illegal, there are only his children. For evidence, look to the Torah, which mentions the importance of welcoming the foreigner in our midst more than 15 times.

Our inability to welcome the foreigner is creating division among us as brothers and sisters – among God’s children. As a result, people are hopeless, and there is injustice in our land – injustice that in our fear and ignorance we allow to happen.

I believe that God calls us to love all in the face of the fear and the injustice. We are people of faith, and we are called to sing the Lord’s song, and it is a song of hope. I am mindful of this call as our government engages in the debate on the future of immigration reform, which will affect an estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants.


Stop imposing your morality on me, dude.  A bit of a rant from CCHQ here.

Liberals keep telling us America is not a Christian nation, they repeat ad nauseaum “Separation of Church and State”, and warn repeatedly of the American Taliban’s attempt to impose “theocracy” on America.  It seems to me their aversion to “theocracy” is as selective as their support for “free speech.”  Invoking the Bible in the public sphere, it appears, is only a problem when someone on the Right does it.  Quoting Bible verses in favor of Lib politics, well that’s just fine.  Which, by the way, they do ALL THE TIME.  Dem politicians are allowed to invoke scripture with impunity, while Republicans have been cowed into near silence for fear of that dreaded “theocracy” tag.  Hmmm.  Perhaps everybody is ok when a Lefty invokes the Bible because nobody really thinks they believe in it anyway.

But let’s go ahead and mix a little bit of church and state with him, shall we?  If treating illegal immigrants with “respect” is what he’s worried about, I think he should first lead by example.  I challenge him to treat his fellow American conservatives with the same respect he wants us to treat perfect strangers and members of that revered class of people Libs call “the other.”  Because if Libs can’t even treat their own fellow Americans– their NEIGHBORS– like human beings, then it would seem an impossible task for hate mongers like ourselves to treat perfect strangers any better.

He accuses us of “fear”.  Well, maybe some people are afraid, I’ll be honest.  But God gave us fear for a reason.  Therefore, it’s this Lib’s job– not to accuse us of fear– but to convince us our fear is unjustified.  And so far, the facts are not on his side.  Illegal immigration has been a social scourge in Arizona and other parts of the Southwest, straining our law enforcement, sucking our educational and medical systems dry, and costing us billions a year.  Liberal guilt trips aren’t going to change that, they’re just going to make it worse.  When the Lib tells you not to hate and fear, he means don’t hate and fear one of his protected groups.  Meanwhile, groups not under the Lib flag of protection are fair game.  Bible thumpers, Southerners, Walmart shoppers, etc., you get the gist.  The Lib, therefore, is the only arbiter of who we may safely fear or hate.  He decides who is fair game, and who is not.  That’s why your disdain for Islam makes you a hater, but his loathing of Christianity makes him, well, loving!  Because they’re the arbiters!

Thus, for example, the Lib pietist pats himself on the back for condemning your fear of immigrants, but treats his Bible-thumping neighbors lower than a terrorist.  You see, it’s the Lib pietist who gets to choose who we’re allowed to fear and demonize as a society, not you.  Filthy prole that you are, you are simply to fall in line and play by their rules, or be tagged a hater.  That doesn’t seem fair, now does it?  So here’s my challenge to them– how about they treat their conservative NEIGHBORS the way they want us to treat perfect strangers pouring across the border, and then preach to me your gospel of loving Liberalism.   Show your redneck christianist neighbor some of that Liberal love before you accuse others of inhumanity towards immigrant strangers.  In other words, you first, Lib.  That would be a good way to begin the conversation, don’t you agree?

Personally, I’m fine with immigrants.  It’s mass illegal immigration that’s the problem.   I am hispanic, and I have at least two Latino immigrants in my immediate family, whom I both cherish.  I grew up in Latin America and don’t really consider Mexican immigrants “the other”, the way all those faux cosmopolitan white Liberals do.  That’s a term THEY use for brown people, not me (a Liberal self-reveal, as far as I’m concerned).  And fear them?  Nope.  I used to work with them, and now I teach their kids.  I’ll tell you who I really fear though– white Liberals who hate me more than they do terrorists because 1) I’m a conservative, and 2) I’m a conservative who also happens to be an ethnic minority.   It’s breathtaking to be on the receiving end of that kind of hatred and loathing.  I can assure you, any “hatred” and “fear” that conservatives might have for immigrants pales in comparison.  We reserve that fear and loathing for Al-Qaida, not foolish do-gooders or desperate immigrants.

So, fear of Latino immigrants?  Not so much.  Indeed, unlike Europe’s demographic invasion, at least our immigrants are judeo-christian and Western.  As far as I’m concerned they’re less of a threat to America and the West than is your average culture-destroying San Francisco Sec Prog.  All things being equal, I’d toss the Sec Prog out, not the immigrant.  We are ok with immigration per se when the immigrant is from traditional, christian, and Western countries like Mexico.  But that doesn’t mean we’re pro-illegal immigration, because we are not for open borders and anarchy.

We are pro-LAW and ORDER and pro-democracy.  Which is why we believe the voters of Arizona have spoken, and it’s time for white Liberals and Latino activistas to get over it already.  You know, the way Rightwingers are supposed to get over healthcare reform and move on?  Yeah, like that– GET OVER IT and move on, Libs.  Arizona has spoken.

But without putting too fine a point on it, although we’re ok with immigrants from Mexico for the reasons already stated, we’re also PRO-ASSIMILATION.  Because although we do not fear LEGAL immigration, we do fear MULTICULTURALISM.  Multiculturalism is a civilization killer.

Thus, we should strive for an immigration policy that promotes the immigrant’s assimilation into the mainstream of America, not their marginalization as they balkanize themselves into self-pertuating ghettos.  Immigrants this close to Mexico, and surrounded by their fellow countrymen, aren’t compelled to learn English as were immigrants of years past who were completely cut off from their mother country.  When immigrants arrived on American shores from Europe, they were cut off forever.  This forced them to learn the language and assimilate– to make America their home.  If the economy tanked, they didn’t go back to old country because it was too far away.  So they were here to stay.  That’s why so many of them Americanized their names.  They wanted to be Americans from Day One.  Is a Mexican mass transfer of population across the border conducive to that kind of assimilation?  Well, let’s just say it makes it a hell of a lot more unlikely because illegal aliens from Mexico are too close to home to cut the links to the old country.  And now we have multiculturalism, not a melting pot.  Sadly, this is precisely what Libs want because this allows them to create a new victim class, who can then be made dependents on the state, with the Dems protecting them against the evil Rightwingers who would wean them from the free goodies.  This assures Dems the immigrant vote in perpetuity because why would anybody vote for a party that would seek to deprive them of the mother’s milk?  This is what really motivates Liberal immigration policy, not compassion, and we would be insane to give it to them.  Rant over.

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