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May 4, 2010

White and Guilty

White and guilty.  Just how they want you.  If you’ve ever wondered why your racist white cracker self just doesn’t feel suitably horrified by your whiteness, there’s a school cult you can join and have that fixed right quick.  Just join the workshop!

‘Whiteness’ workshop helps expose your inner racist

The central theme of the course was that this twinned combination of capitalism and racism has produced a cult of “white privilege,” which permeates every aspect of our lives. “Canada is a white supremacist country, so I assume that I’m racist,” one of the students said matter-of-factly during our first session. “It’s not about not being racist. Because I know I am. It’s about becoming less racist.” At this, another student told the class: “I hate when people tell me they’re colour-blind. That is the most overt kind of racism. When people say ‘I don’t see your race,’ I know that’s wrong. To ignore race is to be more racist than to acknowledge race. I call it neo-racism.”


Neo-racism, huh?  So the only path to redemption is to confess your guilt?  Heads they win, tails you lose.  Sounds like the race industry is becoming desperate for real racism.

When the Catholic church used to do that it was called the Inquisition.  Deny your guilt and you’d be burnt at the stake for your heresy.   But confess your guilt, and your demise would be a quick and painless one.

Morgan Freeman has a better idea:

“I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.”



  1. Depending on the date of this video, Dr. Walter E. Williams may have beat Mr. Freeman to it: Dr. Williams issued a blanket pardon for all guilty white folks several years ago at Christmastime while guest host on “The Rush Limbaugh Show”.
    Courageous stand, though! Mike Wallace is more Liberal than Jewish, I have to say. At least, that was the Liberal line, and not the Jewish one, he was spouting in a tired, nonagenarian way. I am sure it is exciting to interview a star like Morgan Freeman, but can’t he give a young person a chance once?

    Comment by Thorvald — May 4, 2010 @ 19:26

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