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May 6, 2010

Leftwing/Jihadi Convergence: Israeli Deputy Ambassador attacked

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British protesters attack Israel’s deputy ambassador

LONDON – A lecture given by Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to Britain Talya Lador-Fresher at the University of Manchester deteriorated Wednesday into violence when pro-Palestinian protesters stormed at the diplomat in an attempted attack.

The protesters were waiting for Lador-Fresher outside the lecture hall, but this did not deter her from entering as planned. Immediately upon her exit, the protesters lunged at the diplomat, prompting security guards to whisk her back into the hall. Following a consultation on the site, it was decided to escort her out of the premises in a police car.

The deputy ambassador was removed from the hall and into the police vehicle. However, this did not block the protesters, who surrounded the car and climbed on the hood, trying to break the windshield. Lador-Fresher ultimately was taken away from the scene safe and sound.

The deputy ambassador said that there the event certainly was unpleasant, and noted that it does not bode well for the academic debate in Britain on the Middle East.

Israeli Ambassador to Britain Ron Prosor praised his deputy for her determination and fighting spirit and emphasized that the embassy expects a sweeping denunciation of the event from the local authorities and universities in Britain. “This is a lawlessness whose damaging effects are already being felt in the short term, and whose effects in the long term may be irreversible,” Prosor said. Lador-Fresher’s lecture at the university was delayed by a few weeks out of concerns for her safety after information was received that violent protests were being organized. As a result, the ambassador turned to the university faculty to reschedule the lecture.



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