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May 6, 2010

Violent Greek “Teabaggers” riot in Athens

Greeks gather for a full-fledged– yet mostly peaceful–  riot in Athens.  Not like the ugly Tea Parties around here.  Only 3 people have been burnt to death so far.  What’s 3 immolated Greeks in a crowd of thousands?

Looks like a pro-illegals rally!


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  1. The instability affecting Greece is now spreading throughout the world’s financial markets. The Dow Jones dropped roughly 1,000 points today before clawing its way back up to finish at 10,520 (a loss of 347.87 points).

    The euro also lost value today: approximately 2 percent in all, according to experts, as news of Greece’s economic nightmare continued to blanket the media. Could this be the beginning of a global catastrophe? With financial markets around the world already treading water, due to junk derivatives, and countries scrambling to prop up their own currencies (in light of the latest news about the devaluation of the euro), how much more can they take before, they too, crumble under the weight of the inevitable?

    Comment by The Destructionist — May 6, 2010 @ 17:21

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