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May 7, 2010

“Environmentalism the Highest Religion”

Gaia: new age deity

Lefties admit the Global warming movement is a replacement religion.  From the Daily Kos:

In so far as all morality is fundamentally based on preservation, betterment and continuation of life, there is no higher morality than environmentalism.

All religions pale in comparison.

Morality, when associated with religion, is limited and parochial.  It is primarily focused on preservation, betterment and continuation of humans, but not all humans, only those following a particular belief system.

Even when it pretends to extend beyond that parochial realm – for example, “Love thy neighbor” and “Thou shalt not kill”, religious morality is limited to human life.

Environmentalism, on the other hand, encompasses preservation, betterment and continuation of all life, and, therefore, is the highest level of morality.

It being the highest morality, it is not a surprise that the vast majority of Republicans oppose and mock environmentalism.

This helps explain the Left’s hostility to Christianity.  He forgot to add that most religions/morality give people a choice, while modern environmentalism is determined to shove itself down everybody’s throats.

Any comments, responses, thoughts?  Is morality really about “the continuation of life?  I suppose that would be a utilitarian/evolutionary way of looking at things in a universe without a god.  Does that also apply to the unborn?  Or just to non-human life.  The fact is, if the environmentalist eats, then he kills.  Period.  The only issue is what, and how much does he eat and kill to survive.  While the Environmentalist’s promotion of a stripped-down lifestyle is a laudable one, as a “morality” it is woefully incomplete.  It says nothing about 99.99% of the human experience unrelated to the environment.  The Bible, however, also commands us to be good stewards of the Earth.  The fact that we aren’t isn’t a reflection on the religion, but on those who neglect that religion. Just as Al Gore neglects his, by the way.  He just bought a 9 million dollar villa next to the very ocean he claims is rising.  Way to “strip down”, Al Gore.  It’s safe to say the vast majority of Bible believers live far more simple and stripped down lives than he does.   The truth is modern environmentalism is just rehashed paganism; the latest incarnation of the Forest Religions of old.  It worships trees and hates the humanity that uses those trees.  Here, the most devout of the cultists pray to the forest:


  1. There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end is death.

    I’ll take them seriously when they extend those same sympathies to the unborn. And stop crying over dead trees and oil spills.

    Not that an oil spill is anything to be taken lightly. If they can’t get this well capped, I could see a third of the life in the ocean dying off over the six months they say it’ll take them to plug it some other way…

    And I’m with you on stewardship…

    Comment by Joel — May 7, 2010 @ 00:36

  2. The SecProg religion demands the sacrifice of fetuses as the highest sacrament. Euthanasia of those whose lives aren’t worth living (in the infamous German formulation) is a close second when it will serve to reduce human population of the “natural world”.
    The logical conclusion is a tiny cadre of childless adepts living off Soylent Green.

    Comment by Thorvald — May 7, 2010 @ 06:25

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