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May 7, 2010

Montebello High School in California — 2006

This has been in the CCHQ vault for a while now, and it deserves to see the light of day.  In 2006, students at Montebello High School in California desecrated an American flag in what might be called an act of sedition, which was in response to proposed federal legislation regulating illegal immigration.  The image of the American flag subsumed to another on American soil is the sad, but logical and inevitable result of the Left’s obsession with racial identity politics and their failed multicultural experiment.  The attempt by Chicano activistas to impose “Mexico” on American hispanics– most whom have never even been there and have few, if any, cultural connections to it– makes me ill.

I speak for countless hispanic Americans who deplore what’s transpiring on our southern border.   We are American, not Mexicans.  Mass illegal immigration is not conducive to assimilation, but to colonization, balkanization and annexation.  This is especially true because Mexico is right across the border, rather than beyond a vast expanse of ocean as was the case with previous immigrant waves.  In fact, colonization and annexation of our Southwestern states (to them, “Aztlan”) is the stated goal of the pro-illegal immigration Chicano movement. We have their stated goals, and we have the facts on the ground.  What more do we need before we decide it’s time to take the situation seriously?  I suggest we put an end to it now, or the day will come when your children and grandchildren will live to witness our Southwestern states descend into ethnic/racial strife.

Neither you nor your friends and neighbors will see these pictures on the front cover of the New York Times, nor as the lead story on any of the major networks.  Their primary job is to manage and control you, the American citizen, not to inform you.  Their supposed interest in ratings and profits comes a distant second (unfortunately) to that imperative.  So if you want your friends to see these, it’s up to you to forward it to them.  Send it to them regardless of their race, religion, or political party affiliation.  This concerns all Americans of goodwill.  And don’t worry about “stigmatizing” latinos.  The American people aren’t stupid, and they know right from wrong.  This isn’t about race, it’s about securing our borders, enforcing our laws, and ensuring social order today and in years to come; and don’t let any traitorous chicano activista or insipid white do-gooder tell you otherwise.

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