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May 13, 2010

‘Straight Face’, ‘Gay Face’, ‘Black Face’, ‘Mexican Face’

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I’ve been following this one for a few days and now need to comment. GLAAD is demanding an apology from Newsweek for an article which suggests that gay actors aren’t as capable of playing ‘straight’ characters as, well, straight actors. Homophobia! Hate Speech!

(oh, but I wonder if a ‘bi-sexual’ actor played a ‘gay’ actor? wait, i’m confused again. Who?)

Let me cast this in terms the New Left is familiar with –‘Otherness’– and, even more importantly, in terms of historical context:

‘Otherness’ is fancy talk for saying, we share the world in which we live with other people. That’s a good thing and we have a moral responsibility to care for those other people. Some have gone so far to say that we live in a world where people have unique experience. That’s okay and can be a good thing too. Often, people with unique experience are even best suited to speak about (or portray) those experience. Okay, but what happens when that line of thinking is detached from its judeo-christian foundation? Well …

Remember the ‘scandal’  about straight men taking ‘gay’ roles? (check this out)

‘But some charge Hollywood has warmed to gay characters but not to gay actors.

“When straight men get these parts, the gay community feels slighted,” Hauslaib said. “A whole number of roles could have gone to openly gay actors to give them visibility. Instead they went to well-known straight actors. It’s just another notch in a belt for a straight actor. For a gay actor it could have been a breakout role.”

Problem is, even in liberal Hollywood, there remains a dearth of openly gay A-list actors who can open a film.’

Let’s forget ‘gayness’ for a moment. How about race? Would this fly today?

How about this?:

But of course this is okay:

I wonder at what point this hypocrisy is actually discussed and is revealed for what it really is … A project of marginalization and extermination of all things that came before 1968. The attempt to erase the Judeo-Christian culture from memory.  New Liberalism is on the march and is conducting a campaign of slash and burn. Salt is being poured on the fields and our women and children are being carried off to serve the twisted and unhinged pleasures of pagan masters.

I for one won’t let this stand.


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  1. It’s always a delight watching the sec progs try to out PC each other. One big happy Rainbow family!

    Show me one decent Christian, or even just conservative/traditional, character and then I’ll give a crap about the gays. The real “closet” in Hollywood isn’t gay, it’s conservative– just the way GLAAD likes it.

    Comment by Jesusland — May 13, 2010 @ 12:05

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