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May 14, 2010

What the End Looks Like

Benjamin Franklin's 'Join, or Die' Political Cartoon

Never have I been more convinced of the dissolution of our Union than right now …

The AFL-CIO and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights have sent a letter to Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano asking her to remove Homeland Security aid from Arizona in protest of the Arizona Immigration law SB1070. So this is how the end comes … blackmail, division, and race politics.

In the letter the joint parties say:

“We are grateful that President Obama has spoken out to correctly call the Arizona law ‘misguided.’ However, more than words are required from the federal government at this time. As we explain below, the enforcement of Arizona’s law fundamentally depends on the use of federal government resources for the implementation of its racial profiling regime. Unless DHS terminates all 287(g) program agreements in Arizona, the federal government will be complicit in the racial profiling that lies at the heart of the Arizona law. Such a result would place the DHS at odds with this Administration’s stated views on SBI070, and at odds with basic American values of tolerance and non-discrimination.”

“We urgently request that you exercise your authority to immediately rescind all 287(g) program agreements in Arizona and, in this manner, avoid making the federal government complicit in the enforcement of Arizona’s misguided law.”

(read the full letter here)

Lets put this in plain speak … Remove Arizona from the protection of the Union or we will make sure we find politicians who will. Thugs, the lot of them.

(see original article here)


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