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May 18, 2010

Obama on the Beheading of Daniel Pearl

What President Obama and the folks in the Reality-based Community™ say we learned from Daniel Pearl’s beheading:

Barack Obama: “And obviously the loss of Daniel Pearl was one of those moments that captured the world’s imagination because it reminded us of how valuable a free press is, and it reminded us that there are those who would go to any length in order to silence journalists around the world.”

Full transcript, here. Utterly divorced from reality.

To President Obama the slow-motion beheading of Daniel Pearl “captured our imagination”, indeed the world was virtually inspired because it reminded us about….freedom of the press!  Yup.  That’s what Daniel Pearl’s beheading did for us.  Are you feeling inspired yet!  lol  Doesn’t that just give you the warm fuzzies and make you want to run out and become a journalist!

You might think President Obama should get a pass for his “glowing” recollection of Daniel Pearl’s murder considering he was off the teleprompter.  It was probably just a gaffe, and we at CCHQ have foresworn gaffe politics.  And if the emphasis in his speech had been Islamic terrorism, indeed his choice of words could have been considered an inconsequential gaffe, I agree.

But his emphasis was not the threat of radical Islam, it was the courage of journalists (it captured the world’s imagination), and the importance of their profession.  That’s why it wasn’t a gaffe, and it revealed just where this president’s mind is even when talking about victims of Al-Qaida.  In that entire speech, he could not find a few seconds to remind us of the enemy we are facing because that enemy is radical Islam, and he will not say that word– ISLAM.  To Obama, they are the nameless “those.”  Even the word “terrorism”, it seems, has been struck from the war on terror lexicon and you will not find it in that speech either.  He did, after all, write the memo, and now everybody it seems is reading from that damn script:

Alan Combs: “There is no such thing as radical Islam.”

Oh, and note to President Obama; Daniel Pearl wasn’t decapitated because he was a “journalist,” he was murdered because he was JEWISH.  In a tape of his murder Al-Qaida forced Pearl to make this statement:

“My name is Daniel Pearl. I am a Jewish American from Encino, California USA. I come from, uh, on my father’s side the family is Zionist. My father’s Jewish, my mother’s Jewish, I’m Jewish. My family follows Judaism. We’ve made numerous family visits to Israel. Back in the town of Bnei Brak there is a street named after my great grandfather Chaim Pearl who is one of the founders of the town.”

This wasn’t an attack on “journalists” by people “around the world,” President Obama.  It was an attack on JEWS by RADICAL ISLAM.


  1. The proper term is “Malaprompterism”… I coined it a few months ago, but it isn’t catching on.

    Comment by antivaskania — May 18, 2010 @ 18:56

  2. In my mind, a remark like that (of whatever provenance) is along the lines of:
    “The courage of those who survived the Bataan Death March inspires us to consider the unique opportunity provided them by the Imperial Japanese Army.” How far is it from there to Tokyo Rose?

    Comment by Thorvald — May 19, 2010 @ 11:00

  3. […] 19, 2010 by antivaskania From Counter Culture Conservative: Barack Obama: “And obviously the loss of Daniel Pearl was one of those moments that captured the […]

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