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May 20, 2010

Germany Losing control of its Streets

Let’s imitate Europe!  The Secular Progressive utopia is beginning to look more like a hell hole to me.  And this is Germany we’re talking about, not Romania or Moldova.  They have the cash, and they spend it freely.  They are the very peak, the crest, the pinnacle of modern European secular progressivism!  Below, how the far Left, the Anarchists, and ghettoized immigrant mobs are turning European urban areas into “no go zones” where police practically have to travel in convoys:

“These people are beyond reach, not because they don’t speak German, but because they don’t want to be reached.”

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  1. 1. Deport all the illegals and their children using their assets, if any, to cover expenses. Otherwise, bill their home countries.
    2. Shoot drug dealers on sight. Several times.
    3. Iron bars, Molotov cocktails, suspected IEDs, etc., are lethal weapons, and lethal force can be used against them.
    4. Upgrade the non-lethal means of riot control to achieve a level of incapacitation that will permit arrest of participants. Intern them under harsh conditions while they await trial.
    5. Lobotomize repeat offenders. Hey, it worked for Ted Kennedy’s sister, and Ted Kennedy was responsible for much of our chaotic immigration law today.

    Comment by Thorvald — May 20, 2010 @ 18:43

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