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May 24, 2010

Conservative Pushback in Texas

The conservative counterculture pushes back in this MSM piece, which predictably is dripping with Liberal bias.  Note, for example, that Republicans outnumber Democrats 10-5 on the Texas Board of Education, yet here Democrats are quoted over their Republican counterparts by a margin of  7-3.  That’s just a heads up.

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas State Board of Education adopted a social studies and history curriculum Friday that amends or waters down the teaching of religious freedoms, [because the Sec Progs are so worried about your “religious freedoms” (plenty of sarcasm there)] America’s relationship with the U.N. and hundreds of other items.  The new standards were adopted after a final showdown by two 9-5 votes along party lines, after Democrats’ and moderate Republicans’ efforts to delay a final vote failed.

In one of the most significant curriculum changes, the board dilutes the rationale for the separation of church and state in a high school government class, noting that the words were not in the Constitution and requiring students to compare and contrast the judicial language with the First Amendment’s wording. [In other words, teaching the FACTS.  The Left generally considers any kind of strict constructionism a “watering down” of their agenda.  The Constitution must “live and breath”; which makes the text– any text– virtually meaningless.  It’s how you end up with constitutional abominations like Roe v. Wade, or with biblical abominations like gay priests]

The standards, which one Democrat called a “travesty,” also will be used by textbook publishers who often develop materials for other states based on guidelines approved in Texas, although teachers in the Lone Star state have latitude in deciding how to teach the material.

The board attempted to make more than 200 amendments this week alone, reshaping draft standards that had been prepared over the last year and a half by expert groups of [Leftwing] teachers and professors.  As new amendments were being presented just moments before the vote, Democrats bristled that the changes had not been vetted.

“I think we’re doing an injustice to the children of this state by piecemealing together, cutting and pasting, coming up with new amendments as late as today,” said Mary Helen Berlanga, a Democrat. “What we have done today and what we did yesterday is something that a [Leftwing] classroom teacher would not even have accepted.”

During the monthslong revision process, conservatives strengthened requirements on teaching the Judeo-Christian influences of the nation’s Founding Fathers and required that the U.S. government be referred to as a “constitutional republic,” rather than “democratic.” Students will be required to study the decline in the value of the U.S. dollar, including the abandonment of the gold standard.

They also rejected language to modernize the classification of historic periods to B.C.E. and C.E. from the traditional B.C. and A.D., and agreed to replace Thomas Jefferson as an example of an influential political philosopher in a world history class. [He was returned to AMERICAN history class, where he belongs, here]They also required students to evaluate efforts by global organizations such as the United Nations to undermine U.S. sovereignty.

Former board chairman Don McLeroy, one of the board’s most outspoken conservatives said the Texas history curriculum has been unfairly skewed to the left after years of Democrats controlling the board and he just wants to bring it back into balance.

“I’m proud to have my name on this document,” Republican board member Barbara Cargill said shortly before the vote.  Another Republican board member, David Bradley, said the curriculum revision process has always been political — but this time, the ruling faction had changed since the last time social studies standards were adopted.

“We took our licks, we got outvoted,” he said referring to the debate from 10 years earlier. “Now it’s 10-5 in the other direction … we’re an elected body, this is a political process. Outside that, go find yourself a benevolent dictator.”

GOP board member Geraldine Miller was absent during the votes.  [Leftwing] Educators have blasted the curriculum proposals for politicizing education. Teachers also have said the document is too long and will force students to memorize lists of names rather than thinking critically.  The curriculum dispute contributed to McLeroy’s defeat in the March state Republican primary.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said school officials “should keep politics out” of curriculum debates [Where were you about 40 years ago when the politicization of our public schools began in earnest?  Too late for that now, I’m afraid].  “We do a disservice to children when we shield them from the truth, just because some people think it is painful or doesn’t fit with their particular views,” Duncan said in a statement. “Parents should be very wary of politicians designing curriculum.”

After the vote, the American Civil Liberties Union [hehe!  Like clockwork] of Texas urged the state Legislature to place more control over the board.  “At the end of three long days, the State Board of Education has amended, re-amended and approved curriculum standards that are more ideological than ever, despite pleas to not politicize what is taught to Texas school children,” said the state ACLU’s executive director, Terri Burke.

“They have ignored [Leftwing] historians and teachers, allowing ideological activists to push the culture war further into our classrooms,” said Rep. Mike Villareal, a San Antonio Democrat. “They fail to understand that we don’t want liberal textbooks or conservative textbooks. We want excellent textbooks, written by [Leftwing] historians instead of activists.”


Texas’ new curriculum isn’t an effort by the “American Taliban” to create some christian theocracy– unless of course you believe America was a theocracy before the 60s counter culture wrecked the place in their zeal to destroy everything and anything even remotely connected to “the Man.”  If so, then yeah, we’re creating a “theocracy.”  Call it whatever you want, you filthy hippies.  The conversation is over.  We aren’t here to talk, we’re here to clean your clocks.

Note the insinuation in the first paragraph of the article that the new curriculum “waters down the teaching of religious freedoms” just because students would be asked to think critically about Jefferson’s “separation of church and state” vs the Constitution’s Establishment Clause.  As if that’s what the Left’s concern is– our religious freedoms.  The fact is, “religious” freedoms is the last thing on their minds.  They are a militantly secular cultural Establishment, and what they are concerned about is that Texas students might start to think critically, just as any Establishments is. Well, I have bad news for the militant secularists, Thomas Jefferson was only one of many voices who shaped our defining document. And his language didn’t make the final cut. It’s not in the Constitution.

Nor are they terribly interested in Jefferson himself. (When have you heard a Liberal invoke Jefferson’s “yeoman farmer”? You won’t).  Their hysterics about him being pulled from the Texas curriculum are not only a lie (because he wasn’t pulled), but also entirely self-serving.  The only thing they’re worried about is that phrase—separation of church and state—which isn’t even in the Constitution, but in a personal letter to friend.  That’s what this is all about.  The Sec Progs hang their entire anti-christian agenda on that extra-constitutional phrase.  That’s what they’re running around with their hair on fire about—kids being asked to compare and contrast that phrase with the actual text of the Establishment clause.  You see, the actual text of the Constitution doesn’t say what they wished it said.  So they raise the extra-constitutional writings of Jefferson to equal status with the Constitution (a de facto amendment to the Constitution without having to bother with all the messy de jure complications) and then push it to secularist limits never envisioned by the Founding Fathers.  Jefferson’s extra-constitutional “separation of church and state” is how the Left justifies hounding Christianity into the closet—and disgustingly, they do it in the name of “religious freedoms”.  So the next time the ACLU drags you into court, remember to thank them for protecting your “religious freedoms.”

These changes to the Texas school curriculum are a small, but long overdue pushback against the cultural marxism of the New Left which for decades has run rampant and unchecked in our culture, seeking not a separation of church and state, but a complete elimination of our judeo-christian heritage from the public sphere, and indeed, even from the historical record (You may have heard from your teachers and professors that the Founding Fathers were “deists”, but careful, teaching students the Founding Fathers were christians could violate “separation of church and state”).  That’s because militant secularism has taken the First Amendment’s constitutional limit on the “establishment” of a state religion, and warped it into a government imperative to stamp out all natural and organic expression of religion, faith, and tradition wherever they can be found (especially if it’s christian), whether it be on “government property”, or at the shopping mall, or the movie theater– all in the name of “separation of church and state”, or “protecting your religious freedoms” (so Orwellian, isn’t it?), and last but not least– diversity!  Always diversity!  And if their Orwellian vision of the future guarantees “religious freedoms”, it only does so if that religion stays locked away in the closet.  As if Christianity were the “new gay” in the very country founded and built by Christians.

This is the bleak vision of an America under the yoke of Secular Progressivism–  a once great judeo-christian culture rendered a sterile, soulless, Hollywood-driven, secularized husk where nobody is “offended” because nobody dares open their mouth lest you be dragged off to court for violating the Left’s “living, breathing” Constitution.  Unless of course the object is to offend christians– then by all means, open your mouth and offend away.

Texas has also watched for decades as American ideal of Epluribus Unum— from the many ONE– was replaced by the Left’s multicultural agenda to keep Americans divided along racial and ethnic lines, and to keep as many of them out of the Mainstream as possible– because once someone joins the Mainstream, the Left loses another “victim” to whom they can offer Salvation.  And what exactly do we mean by “mainstream”, you ask?  Is this rightwing code for fascism, perhaps?  “Mainstream” means simply the “melting pot,” and assimilation.  Multiculturalism is therefore the antithesis of assimilation.  For about three decades now we have witnessed the evolution of the Left’s multicultural agenda, where the traditional American “melting pot” was scrapped in favor of their multicultural “salad bowl” experiment– a cultural salad bowl where your identity as an individual is subsumed into a tribal collective based on race and ethnicity, not an American ethic based on values, ideas, or a philosophy; and thereby dividing racial/ethnic minorities from their fellow Americans in “the mainstream” melting pot because their skin color and cultural ethnicity precludes them from ever being fully American.  Which is ironic, because this type of segregation is obstensibly what MLK and the civil rights movement were fighting to do away with.  Now the Left fights for the multiculti right to be separate and apart. You know, separate but equal.

This is the Left’s infamous “fractured coalition” of disparate and competing racial/ethnic/special interest factions.  It is a far cry from the Enlightenment ideal of men and women who define themselves by their values, beliefs, and ideas, with loyalty to their nation state, not their tribe.  The Left’s fractured coalition is merely the fruits of this primitivism  based on skin color and tribe, and the narrow interests these engender.  This dysfunctional, multiculti coalition is fractured precisely because their interests are tribal and narrow, not genuinely civic-minded and broad.  This makes them nearly impossible to govern, as any successful Democratic president must govern from the center, i.e., the mainstream.  The Left’s multiculti tribalism is the polar opposite of JFK’s call to national selflessness (“…what you can do for your country.”) because the narrow interests of the tribe always trumps nation.  Cultural diversity, you see, is not strength– no matter how loudly the multicultis shout it from the rooftops.  It is weakness.  The Founding Fathers, recall, warned us that united we stand, divided we fall.  So who are you going to believe?  The Founding Fathers, or the multiculti gramciists of the Left?

These cultural marxists aren’t the Liberals of our youth in whom we naively placed our trust.  I doubt MLK or JFK would even recognize them.  Heck, the most staunch Republican I know has more in common with JFK than these Secular Prog body-snatchers do, these shape-shifting golem who invoke Jefferson’s “separation of church and state” in one breath, and vilify him as a white, male, slave-owning rapist in the next, depending on who happens to be in the room listening to them.  The same ideological shape-shifters who mock simple patriotism and love of country behind closed doors, and denounce you for questioning their patriotism when in public.  Well, we are finally onto them, and nothing illustrates this awakening better than what’s going on today in Arizona— and now here in Texas as well.  And this is just the beginning.  In Texas and Arizona, American conservatism begins it’s long march through our institutions to wrest them back from the cultural marxists of the Left who stole them from us.

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  1. What kills me is the determined naivete by which the secularists manage to pretend that their ideology isn’t ideological. Secular does not equal neutral, people. Education has *always* been political; it’s just a matter of which politics are dominant.

    Anyway, reason #8567 I’m home schooling my kids.

    Comment by Sherri K. Edman — May 24, 2010 @ 05:41

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