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May 25, 2010

A Snake in the Grass

The emerging New Caliphate in the West protests the burqa ban at the Belgian embassy in London (5/22/10).

“We have been commanded to die for our honor, and our honor is our women.”

“We are going to rise up, wherever we are, because we are one Ummah.  We are not scattered in groups, but rather we go under the banner of [Islam].  Allahu Ackbar.”

This one is being passed around in the Muslim community as a call to action.   We are in big trouble.  But there will be no organized Western response to Islam because our elites are asleep, and we have been de-balled as a civilization by the ideology of decline– modern Liberalism, and the religion it has spawned– multiculturalism.  And by the time we come to our senses, it will be too late.  The solutions left us will be too drastic and appalling to stomach.  We will go quietly into the night.  The Europe that you and your forefathers knew will not be the Europe that your children and grandchildren will know.  It’s lights out for the West.  Or perhaps the future of Europe is Beirut, Lebanon, and the Balkans– societies in never ending turmoil as Islam forever seeks to assimilate what’s left of its ancient foe, and christianity always resisting in a kind of existential “forever war” in lands we can no longer claim as our own.  Either picture is beyond depressing.   Unless we act now.  No more Muslim immigration to the West.  And start having children again.

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  1. Another pudgy, bearded moron hiding behind his shades with a sub-genius rant. Totally blinkin’ creepy!
    Do the aesthetics suggest to anyone else Fascist movements from the past?
    We need to get the Brain Drain working for us again. And I like the part about having more babies. (I am currently stalled at two.)

    Comment by Thorvald — May 26, 2010 @ 05:56

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