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May 27, 2010

Big Hollywood: ‘Machete’ Script is the Cutting Edge of Racial Hatred

The reconquista movement comes to a theater near you with the light-hearted and satirical new movie by Robert Rodriguez, Machete.  The trailer is taking a lot of heat for its overt anti-white racism, but Rodriguez insists everybody chill out because it’s just over-the-top satire meant for laughs.  I believe him.  It is over the top.  And it is satire.  And it is meant for laughs.  Laughs at YOU.  And satire is never just satire.  But, according to the likes of Rodriguez, lighten up, people, it’s just a movie.  What’s more, he wants your hard-earned tax dollars for the privilege of ridiculing you (corporate welfare, anybody?).  So by the time you get around to watching the movie you’ll have paid him twice for the privilege of being mocked and humiliated by yet another moral midget from Liberal Hollywood (redundant, I know).  What a country.  It’s all in good satirical fun though, says Kurt Schlicter at Big Hollywood:

There’s no confusion about who the villain is in Machete – it’s you.  More specifically, it’s you and the other 69% or so of American citizens who agree that we should have a say in who does and doesn’t come into our country by enforcing our immigration laws.

The underlying message of Machete, other than that all Anglos must die, echoes the unyielding stance of modern American liberalism that we, as a nation, are somehow morally foreclosed from performing the most basic function of a sovereign government – securing our borders.  This is expressed throughout, but particularly in recurring scenes of  “Minutemen” randomly hunting and killing illegals. I don’t expect hardcore realism from a movie called Machete, but if Rodriguez and his ilk actually cared for illegals more than as simple props in their long-running left-wing production of Why America Sucks, they might want to address the uncomfortable fact that the only people brutalizing Mexican illegals are other Mexicans.

Maybe they ought to premier Machete in Washington.  After all, over half of our Congressmen and Senators seem to think its premises are solid.  I’m still trying the get over the sight of the Democrats on their feet applauding that foreign tinpot Calderon for disrespecting our country.  However, by the time the elections roll around I’ll probably see that footage again, oh, about 10,000 times as it becomes the centerpiece of any number of Republican campaign ads.  Of course, I would not put it past the bondage club-patronizing halfwits in positions of authority at the RNC and elsewhere in the GOP establishment to talk themselves into a consensus that criticizing the liberals for siding with some foreigner against other Americans is somehow beyond the pale of respectable campaign discourse.


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