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May 30, 2010

PBS’s Tavis Smiley: Far More Christian Terrorists Than Muslim Ones, Tea Party Comparable to Jihad

Liberal “nuance” at its most precious:

Tavis Smiley: “Christians do that every day [blow people up].  They walk into post-offices, schools, Columbine, I could do this all day long.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If I had a nickel for every time a Liberal claims to be christian just after he finished slandering Christianity I’d be Bill Gates.  It’s like the racist who claims he’s got “lots of black friends.”  But have you ever heard a Liberal christian run down their precious Liberalism?  Ever?  Their anti-Chrisitian slander, on the other hand, comes so effortlessly, so naturally, so unhesitatingly, you know where their first loyalties lie– and it’s not with Christianity.  I am no longer even surprised, for instance, when I hear an atheist defending Christianity from the abuses of your average so-called Liberal christian.  An atheist!  That’s how deeply inculcated is their loathing for Western culture, the sins of which they lay almost entirely on Christianity.   Gramsci is in their blood.  Cultural marxism is in their DNA.  They can’t fight it.  They are the apologetic Christians.  The embarrassed Christians, who when faced with the choice, always choose their real religion– Liberalism.  And for that they will make no apologies.  In the battle for the West, they can hardly be counted as friends.

Ace puts it another way:

What he means is that the majority of the country is Christian, so whenever a murder occurs, it’s a “Christian murder.”


But see, the thing is, Muslims commit those sorts of “Muslim murders” every day, too, if we’re calling any murder (for the typical motives, love, money, etc.) by a member of a religion a Religious Murder.

He kind of forgot that, eh?

What we are talking about is murders committed for the sake of religion — and no, Tavis, Christians are not killing people every day because Jesus told them they’d get into heaven if they do.


  1. Dear Mr. Smiley, First of all I must begin by saying Thank you, very, very much for your inspirational presence, generosity of spirit and remarkable achievements.
    I just watched your broadcast with the lovely Misty Copeland, from American Ballet Theatre.
    Actually, Ms. Copeland is NOT the first African-American Soloist of American Ballet Theatre. The very first African-American Soloist of American Ballet Theatre was NORA KIMBALL. She happens to have been a dear friend of mine and I was tremendously fortunate to witness numerous magnificent performances of hers both on tour and onstage at the Metropolitan Opera House, during the late 1980’s.
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing this bit of information with you…I just thought that, with all due respect to Ms. Copeland and her accomplishments, Nora’s being “The First” should be duly noted.
    Tim Johnson

    Comment by Timothy Johnson — February 23, 2011 @ 23:33

  2. Just curious, but who gives a rat’s @ss about Nora Kimbal?

    Comment by John — February 24, 2011 @ 04:53

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