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June 4, 2010

Recapping the Flotilla Un-Event

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It should be clear to everyone by now that we have witnessed the raw biased nerve of the Media Machine. Watching the events unfold through the internet allows one the vantage point ignored by the mainstream press –the passage of time and memory.

CCHQ has tracked the events, but lets recap. On day one there were reports that 9 people were dead as the IDF boarded a vessel attempting to breach the Gaza blockade. As Huffpo titled their headline:

Israel Attacks Palestinian Aid Flotilla

But as the sharks got whiff of the chum the headlines quickly changed into the afternoon:

Israel Raid: ‘Bloody, Bungled Takeover’ deepens Israel’s Isolation


Never released this week, and what we now know, is what everyone means when they use words like ‘Aid’ or ‘Activists’, and ‘Blockade’; or who exactly is the ‘Free Gaza Movement’ … these essentials which any college journalism student would ask aren’t important to AP, Huffpo, NBC, CBS, or ABC and the rest of the mainstream news sources.

Just yesterday CBS finally acknowledged Free Gaza Movement’s terrorist ties. Read how Brad Wilmouth at Newsbuster breaks it down:

After initially lagging behind the other networks in even mentioning the Gaza-bound flotilla’s connections to terrorist groups, on Wednesday CBS finally noted the existence of such ties, and on the same day NBC caught up with CBS in highlighting calls for Israel to end its blockade. Without directly relaying to viewers that the Israelis already allow tons of aid into Gaza on a regular basis, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell began her report: “Tonight there is worldwide pressure on Israel to end its three-year blockade of Gaza, except for the United States. The White House is simply telling Israel it must guarantee better deliveries of aid.”

After showing a clip of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arguing that there is plenty of food and medicine in Gaza, Mitchell continued: “That is not what NBC News witnessed in Gaza today. Muhammed Abidrabu and his family of 12 live in two tents. Their home was destroyed when Israel invaded a year and a half ago. In the cooking area, only some cooking oil and a small bag of vegetables. A million and a half people live here, strangled by poverty, unemployment and hopelessness.”

On CBS, in a report which began by airing complaints and accusations made by flotilla passengers about the conduct of Israeli troops, after a soundbite of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterizing passengers as “violent supporters of terrorism,” correspondent Richard Roth noted the flotilla’s likely ties to terrorist groups: “And Israel says security camera video shows how they prepared with gas masks and slingshots before the Navy arrived. Israel claims the Turkish charity that funded them has terrorist backers whose real aim in opening Gaza is to arm it.”

But we need to understand that these points don’t matter when public opinion is shaped in the first 24 to 36 hours of an event … What matters is how and in what direction public opinion will be shaped.

When the Pulitzer is on the line then you write for the Pulitzer reading public and ask questions later.

Even more insidious: When crippling the ‘Public Image’ of Israel is the military objective you send ‘Peace Activists’ carrying ‘Much Needed Aid’ to an ‘Oppressed People’ … Do you see good readers how these words don’t mean anything anymore?

Do you see how the guerrilla battle front has shifted from the jungle (Che) and the desert (TE Lawrence) to Mass Media; and the tactics are ripped from advertising, public relations, and semiotics textbooks?

I suspect this is the reason why, after the fourth and final Muslim-Israeli war ended in the collapse of the Muslim coalition the tactics changed. After having used the Palestinians as pawns in a gambit, then shunning them completely, ‘The Palesitian Question’ became the symbolic battle front in the 1970’s … No more need to fight losing ground wars. Let’s now fight the Image War!!

Keep reading friends. CCHQ is on the frontline(s).

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  1. >>>Do you see how the guerrilla battle front has shifted from the jungle (Che) and the desert (TE Lawrence) to Mass Media; and the tactics are ripped from advertising, public relations, and semiotics textbooks?

    A shrewd observation. When the Arabs were defeated on the battlefield, they essentially became a “guerrilla resistance”, and in the information age, that means guerrilla Media.

    Comment by Jesusland — June 4, 2010 @ 13:56

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