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June 5, 2010

Inside the “Freedom Flotilla”

Glenn Beck isn’t my cup of tea.  I don’t like his delivery and he comes off as just a wee bit smarmy.  Regardless, I’m willing to overlook that for now because he’s asking all the right questions and giving us the straight dope on the “Freedom Flotilla”, like their ties to muslim terrorism and the usual rabble rousers on the Left.  Why isn’t the media doing this? (Do I really need to ask?)  Taking anything but the most cursory notice of Islamic terrorism is a “rightwing” thing to do, didn’t you know?  It could be mistaken for “Islamophobia”.  They worry it might accidentally “out” their inner racist.  PC groupthink has got these “critical thinkers” so tightly by the gonads they might as well live in a police state.  The media has shown the IDF video because it makes for entertaining news, but they haven’t gone any further than that.  Anyway, no such PC worries at CCHQ, you are among free Americans here.  Now back to the Freedom Flotilla of Terror.  Watch the whole thing.  You won’t hear this on Katie Couric.

“The facts don’t matter in America anymore.  The facts don’t matter to the rest of the world.”

Don’t neglect part two, linked below:

Part Deux


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