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June 6, 2010

Helen Thomas: Jews Go Home to Germany, Poland

The latest spewage, courtesy of Helen Thomas’s gaping maw:

Helen Thomas: “Get the Hell Out of Palestine, ha ha ha ha!”

The cackles of a mainstream Jew hater.  Ms. Thomas speaks for many on the Left, and just about everybody in the Muslim world when she says Jews should just go “home”.  And by that she means the same “home” that holocausted 6 million Jews only a few decades ago.  But I have a question for Helen and the Muslims.  Where should the Sephardic Jews of Israel go home to?  Iran?  Or do they get to stay.  And what of those Sephardim whose lineage in the Holy Land precedes that of the Arabs?  Can they stay?  And if they are allowed to remain, can they keep their Jewish state?  Or do they have to give that up too, and live under the Muslim yoke as dhimmis.  And finally, where will the palestinians Jordyptians go?  Back to Egypt and Jordan?  Gentle readers, in the future when you hear “end the occupation,” remember Helen Thomas.

UPDATE: Here she mocks the White House for not jumping on the anti-Israel bandwagon, facts be damned, and for waiting until there’s been an investigation.  In the words of Netanyahu, Israel is guilty before being proven…guilty.

Helen Thomas:  “Why didn’t you initially condemn it?”

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