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June 7, 2010

Hamas Blockades Gaza

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Israeli warehouse overflowing with supplies

Poor paleos, starved by their own leaders, not by Israel.

Hamas refuses to allow aid supplies into Gaza – Goods brought by flotilla pile up in army warehouses because Hamas rejects their entrance by land

The army announced Monday that the humanitarian aid brought by the ships had been mostly unloaded, and estimated that the task would be completed in the next few days. Despite international criticism against Israel following a calamitous IDF raid on an aid flotilla to Gaza, it appeared Monday that Hamas was the one preventing the goods brought by the flotilla from entering the Strip.

However Hamas continues to insist that the shipment not be brought in through the land crossings, and in the meantime the goods continue to pile up in the army’s warehouses. Major Or Elrom, of the office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the (Palestinian) Territories, said there was nothing on board the flotilla’s ships that Gaza’s residents did not already have.

“All of these goods have been previously conveyed there, and we hope we can do the same in this case,” she said.  A Defense Ministry facility adjacent to the Tzrifin army base has been turned into a temporary warehouse over the past few days, containing beds, mattresses, couches, medical supplies, shoes, clothing, and medicine – some of which has reportedly expired.

Eitan Kosto, who heads the Defense Ministry’s logistics corps, said the cargo had not been loaded onto the ships according to professional guidelines and therefore some of the goods were damaged during the unloading.

“We had to work for a long time and devote many resources to unloading it all,” he said. “The fact that it wasn’t properly organized caused damage to some of the goods, but finally we succeeded in organizing everything so it could be transferred to the Strip.”

He added that his personnel had not yet unloaded the cement and building materials on board, which would have to undergo security checks before entering the Strip.  However it remains unclear whether Hamas will allow the materials to enter. Last week the group kept out eight trucks carrying humanitarian supplies, which were attempting to enter through the Kerem Shalom crossing.


Hamas gives a rat’s @ss about their own people.  Their charter calls for the destruction of Israel, and their entire existence is geared towards that end.  The palestinian people are merely the fodder to accomplish that goal.  Yet they are the darling of the Left.  Interesting.   These are the people the Progs have attached themselves to, so deep is the Left’s loathing of Israel.  One of the reasons for this, although I can’t actually prove it, must be their hatred of the Bible.  That’s it!  The mere name– “Israel”–  must trigger something in the very deepest recesses of their subconscious that associates “Israel” with their hatred for all things judeo-christian.  Again, I can’t prove this, but take it from someone who grew up with these people and was inculcated in their thinking.  I recall a few years ago being banned from the New York Times forums merely for suggesting such a thing.  Talk about touching a nerve!  The paleos are driven by an equally demented loathing.  They despise Israel more than they love even their own children.  When that calculus of hatred reverses itself, then they will have their peace.  But not before that.

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  1. Zhivago to Strelnikov: “Your point, their village.”
    Sic semper tyrannis.

    Comment by Thorvald — June 7, 2010 @ 18:59

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