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June 7, 2010

Semiological Guerilla Warfare

It’s a term coined by the Italian novelist and theorist Umberto Eco in 1967 … It basically means striking at the heart of a government and a people through symbolic actions, which, in a Media Age, are more powerful than cruise missiles and Joint Tactical Fighters.

Why do I bring something so theoretical up? We are in it friends:

A recent internal FBI report warns federal, state and local authorities to be alert for a potential new tool in the jihadi terror arsenal – the placing of suspicious, but harmless, bags in public places to inspire fear, disrupt public transportation and tie up police and bomb squads.

The so called “battle of suspicious bags” was encouraged by an unknown poster to a known jihadi website. On May 12th, the poster suggested an “invasions suspicious bags (sic)” in “the heart of Washington and New York,” as the FBI’s Washington Field Office Intelligence Division noted in its May 27th “Situational Information Report.” The bags would contain not bombs, but innocuous items, a tactic that has been used by other political extremists in the U.S. in the recent past.

“The stated goal of the campaign,” said the report, “was to exploit desensitization of first responders caused by response fatigue to suspicious, but harmless items.”

The FBI report did not include the full text of the jihadi forum post, but said “the poster suggested packing bags with innocuous items and placing them in public areas has the capability to occupy response assets and disrupt public infrastructure and transportation.” The poster’s credibility was not known, according to the FBI, but the site where the information was posted was listed as a “known jihadi web site.”


Muslims turned to this style of warfare after numerous defeats by Israel and the Judeo-Christian West … but the enemy’s timing is impeccable. They’ve struck at our heart and are turning the dagger. We are in the midst of 21st century Jihad and the enemy is savvy. The quislings in our midst (Hellen Thomas and the Liberal Secularists) refuse to acknowledge the broader picture for fear that their tenuous Progressive narrative will collapse. They must give away the farm to hold firm to their religion …

CCHQ will continue to run patrols along the frontlines of this war. Stay tuned.


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  1. We are not defenseless:
    Fight back!

    Comment by Thorvald — June 7, 2010 @ 19:03

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