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June 9, 2010

Anglicans cut Episcopalians from ecumenical bodies

Whatever the culture-destroying Left touches, it destroys.  That most certainly goes for our churches.   But some have had enough of their garbage.  Here, Rowan Willams finally grows a pair:

LONDON – The Anglican Communion has suspended U.S. Episcopalians from serving on ecumenical bodies because of the election of a lesbian as a bishop in California.

The U.S. church opened a rift in the global communion, and within its own ranks, seven years ago by electing a gay man, V. Gene Robinson, as bishop of New Hampshire. Conservative African Anglicans have taken a lead in opposing moves in the United States and Canada to promote gays and to bless homosexual relationships.

Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury and spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, had called for a moratorium on appointing homosexuals to leadership positions. He asked for action against the Episcopal Church after the Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool was made an assistant bishop of Los Angeles.

The Rev. Canon Kenneth Kearon, secretary general of the Anglican Communion, announced Monday that Episcopalians had been downgraded from members to consultants in formal ecumenical dialogues, annual meetings between Anglicans and clergy in other churches intended to build friendship and better understand one another’s traditions and issues of mutual concern such as points of theology and ways of worshipping.

Kearon said he had also written to the primate of the Anglican Church of Canada to ask whether it has formally adopted a policy backing same-sex blessings.  The Canadian church’s governing General Synod is meeting this week, and is discussing whether to debate a motion on the issue.

The Episcopal News Service said the Rev. Katherine Grieb, an Episcopal priest and professor of New Testament at Virginia Theological Seminary, was downgraded from member to consultant to the Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Unity Faith and Order.

Those who were stripped of membership in ecumenical dialogues, according to ENS, were the Rev. Thomas Ferguson and Assistant Bishop William Gregg of North Carolina, both involved in the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue; Bishop C. Franklin Brookhart of Montana had been a member of the Anglican-Methodist International Commission for Unity in Mission; and the Very Rev. William H. Petersen, professor of ecclesiastical and ecumenical history of Bexley Hall in Columbus, Ohio, who was serving on the Anglican-Lutheran International Commission.


Good for you, Rowan!  CCHQ watches the slow-motion gramciist train wreck that has become the U.S. Episcopalian church for the same reason we watch Europe for signs of dhimmification, and Israel’s war with jihad.  They are the canary in the coal mine.  The fate of the Episcopalians is the fate of all churches who sacrifice Biblical truth for the Leftwing quasi morality of political correctness.  It is the fate of irrelevancy.  Have any of that church’s gay proclamations and ordinations attracted a single member to their rolls?  No!  If people want Liberalism, they’ll go to a cocktail party or a hippie drum circle.  The “world” offers all this gay-permissive junk in spades, and doesn’t give you a guilt trip for sleeping in on Sunday.

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