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June 10, 2010

UK feared inquiry into 7/7 bombings would Anger Muslims

The Big Lie that is multiculturalism continues to be exposed in all sorts of unexpected ways.   The UK chose not to investigate the 7/7 subway bombings for fear of upsetting their favorite pet culture– Islam.

Officials warned an investigation into the 7/7 suicide bombings could upset Muslims

The warning was delivered in a briefing paper to Charles Clarke, the then-home secretary, as he considered whether or not to launch an inquiry into the 2005 bombings, in which 52 innocent people were killed.  In the paper, Sir John Gieve, the Home Office permanent secretary, said that upsetting Muslims would be a “potential cost” of ministers agreeing to demands for a full inquiry.

After receiving Sir John’s paper, Mr Clarke decided not to order a public inquiry – a decision which infuriated many survivors and relatives of those killed. One survivor said last night that she was “outraged” by the revelation.  Inquest hearings into the 7/7 deaths are expected to start this autumn.

As an alternative to a public inquiry the Home Office published, a year after the bombings, a “narrative” drafted by its own officials which merely set out the events leading up to the bombings, with little analysis of underlying causes.

Sir John’s note, written four months after the bombings but newly-released under Freedom of Information laws, outlines the determination of senior civil servants to ensure that any inquiries into the atrocity were “low key”.

It warned of “potential community tension in the event that any inquiry came to be perceived as an exercise in special pleading by one community, or alternatively if it was believed that it focused negatively on the Muslim community”.

Sir John’s note to the Home Secretary added that there was “strong pressure from Muslim communities” for an inquiry, but went on to say that this was driven in part by a desire in sections of the Islamic community to establish that the attacks had not, after all, been carried out by members of their faith.


That wasn’t a joke, you are not imagining things, this is not the Onion.  It’s modern Liberalism.



  1. There is an inquiry. This article is false.

    Comment by Andy Hughes — June 10, 2010 @ 12:27

  2. >>>There is an inquiry. This article is false.

    Please feel free to post the link.

    Comment by Jesusland — June 10, 2010 @ 16:14

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