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June 12, 2010

The Deir Yassin Hoax: How The Jews “Stole” Palestine

This one aired on Canadian TV, and quotes mostly Arabs who recall the palestinian Arab evacuation of Palestine in 1947.  They were not driven out by Jews, they fled because they were told to do so by Arab governments, and they believed Arab accounts of non-existent Jewish atrocities.  Here the myth of Deir Yassin is debunked by the Arabs themselves, in words from their own mouths.  The “big lie” of Deir Yassin set the pattern for the disinformation war the Arabs have been waging against Israel ever since.

“We said there was no rape [at Deir Yassin].  He said we have to say there was so the Arab armies will come to liberate us from the Jews.”

“This was our biggest mistake.  We did not realize how our people would react.  As soon as they heard that women had been raped at Deir Yassin, palestinians fled in terror.”

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  1. The arabs caused two Nakba’s the 1st encouraging the majority of the arabs of the former British Mandate of Palestine to vacate their homes temporarily, so as not to impede the arab armies while they engage the fledgling State of Israel in order to annihilate it at it’s inception and genocide all it’s Jews, they then could return to a palestine which would be judenrein (Jew-free)where they would not only regain their homes but increase their properties with that of the vacated homes of the murdered Jews. The 2nd Nakba the arabs caused was of a far greater loss, the Jews of the arab speaking world were scapegoated by the defeated arabs who took their anger out on the defenceless jewish community of the arab world, at that time the jewish population of the middle eastern countries aswell as the maghrbi states was at least 1,000,000 (not included in this number was Iran and Turkey which were Islamic states but not Arab) So 1,000,000 jews became homeless stateless centless refugees overnight, they fled for their lives from the tyranny meted out to them by the arabs. The real-estate that we the jews of the arab world owned was five times greater than the ‘State ofm Israel today’ The remaining jews in the arab world today who reside mainly in Morocco and Tunisia number barely 5,000, this is what i call ethnic cleansing. The few Jews that remain in the Yemen are now running for their lives, as the Saana government cannot protect them adequately from attacks, only last year a Teacher of a jewish school was gunned down in cold blood by a yemeni arab whom had warned him before either to convert to islam or die. some jewish girls have also been forcefully abducted by some vermin tribesmen who married these poor girls off to other tribesmen. These vermin should be hunted down to extinction together with their stinking families, i pray that that will happen soon.

    Comment by Samir S. Halabi — July 19, 2010 @ 17:49

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