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June 14, 2010

Palestinian Authority: “Keep Blockading Gaza.”

Mahmoud embarrasses Barack.

Why lookie here!  Even as our very own President Obama sides with Hamas in calling Israel’s blockade of Gaza “unsustainable,” the leader of the “moderate” Palestinians– Mahmoud Abbas– supports Israel’s enforcement of the blockade!  Racist!

Abbas to Obama: I’m against lifting the Gaza naval blockade

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is opposed to lifting the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip because this would bolster Hamas, according to what he told United States President Barack Obama during their meeting at the White House Wednesday. Egypt also supports this position.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once more put off announcing the creation of a committee of inquiry into the naval commando raid on the Gaza Strip flotilla, and the matter will not be brought before the cabinet for a vote this morning.

The issue of the Gaza flotilla and lifting the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip was the main topic of discussion between Obama and Abbas last Wednesday night.  European diplomats updated by the White House on the talks said that Abbas had stressed to Obama the need of opening the border crossings into the Gaza Strip and the easing of the siege, but only in ways that do not bolster Hamas.

One of the points that Abbas raised is that the naval blockade imposed by Israel on the Strip should not be lifted at this stage. The European diplomats said Egypt has made it clear to Israel, the U.S and the European Union that it is also opposes the lifting of the naval blockade because of the difficulty in inspecting the ships that would enter and leave the Gaza port.

Abbas told Obama that actions easing the blockage should be done with care and undertaken gradually so it will not be construed as a victory for Hamas. The Palestinian leader also stressed that the population in the Gaza Strip must be supported, and that pressure should be brought to bear on Israel to allow more goods, humanitarian assistance and building materials for reconstruction.   Abbas, however, said this added aid can be done by opening land crossings and other steps that do not include the lifting of the naval blockade.


It seems President Obama cares more about the palestinian people than they care about their own!  He certainly does if it means yet another opportunity to throw an ally under the bus.  A birther might almost be forgiven for believing there’s a Manchurian candidate in the White House.  But no, I suspect it has less to do with his secret Muslim identity than it does with the muddleheaded thinking of a modern Liberal multiculturalist “citizen of the world” whose knee-jerk first reaction is always against “the strong” U.S. ally, and in favor of the weak “other.”

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