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June 14, 2010

The Feminist Con Job

Radical feminism is to sexism what the race hustlers are to race– a big con.  Via Ann Althouse.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“That’s Tina Brown trying to babble her way to saying something that makes sense. Watch the video at the link. I think she realizes in the middle — at the “you know, very much, uh, uh, you know” — that after invoking the big idea “feminism,” she doesn’t know how to say the right thing about feminism. It’s not right to say according to feminism, women aren’t supposed to be Republicans, so she can’t say that. What then can she say? She goes with the weak, mealy-mouthed “against so many of things that women have fought for such a long time.” So many of the things, eh? What? And fought for such a long time — as if women are supposed to — what? — adhere to traditional values and not make waves?

And what about the idea that there is variety within feminism and vivid debate about what is good for women? George Stephanopoulos pushes Brown with “Well, you could argue they’re different kinds of feminists….” And Brown settles in to the routine partisanship that is easy to spit out clearly: “Women, too, can be wing nuts, is the point.” Yeah, that’s cogent and clear. Funny too. Brown’s attempt at a point about feminism was flabby blather because it was dishonest. “Women, too, can be wing nuts” — she’s telling it straight now and shows it with the kicker that it’s “the point.” Thanks for abandoning your pretense of intellectual analysis for some plain politics. We get it, Tina. You’re a liberal. You don’t like when strong candidates emerge on the other side. And you have nothing interesting or insightful to say about feminism. Noted.”

Source at Ann Althouse


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