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June 16, 2010

Belgian election win for party that wants to split nation

Multiculturalism is a nation killer.  Here’s example #8,473.  Belgium is on the path to dissolution.  They are a country with nothing that unites them.  Not even a common language.

The Flemish separatist N-VA party which wants to divide Belgium was on course last night to win the most seats in parliamentary elections. Such a result could also complicate attempts to form a coalition that can bring the budget under control in a country plagued by rising national debt.

With 86% of the votes counted by late last night, the interior ministry predicted the New Flemish Alliance, which wants to gradually split the country between Dutch-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia, would win 28 of the 150 seats in the lower house of parliament, compared with just eight now. That would narrowly push the mainly French-speaking Socialists into second place. Heavy losses were expected for the Christian Democrats and the Liberals.

“The N-VA has won the election today,” the party’s leader, Bart De Wever, told jubilant supporters. “We stand before you with a party that has some 30% [of the Flemish vote].”  He urged francophones to “make [a country] that works”. “If we don’t, we slide backward,” De Wever said.

N-VA supporters last night flew the yellow and black Flanders flag and sang the Flemish anthem during post-election celebrations.

Prime minister Yves Leterme’s outgoing coalition is made up of Christian Democrats, Liberals and Socialists all split into Dutch- and French-speaking factions. His government collapsed in April over a long-standing row about voting rights for Dutch speakers around Brussels. As a result, the election was brought forward by a year.

Socialist leader Elio Di Rupo is widely tipped to be the new prime minister. “Many Flemish people want the country’s institutions reformed,” he said. “We need to listen to that.”  Even if the N-VA does win the most votes, it won’t immediately be able to devolve powers to the regions.


Ain’t multiculturalism just grand?  Belgium is a multicultural state, which consists of about six million Dutch-speakers in Flanders to the north, and 4 million French-speakers in Wallonia, to the south.  Until this election, the country had been dominated by its Socialist-controlled south because of their constitutionally guaranteed veto power in the parliament, plus a guaranteed share of half the seats in government and the bureaucracy.

To the north, the conservative, free-market oriented Flemish have been complaining for decades that they are forced to subsidize the south (exact same story in Spain, by the way, which also has its separatists), while no improvement of the economic situation of the Walloons has been visible. On the contrary, it seems Wallonia has become an economic basket case rife with corruption.

The Eurozone itself, like Belgium, is a living example of the Left’s multicultural “salad bowl.”  They are a conglomeration of individual and distinct tribes with nothing in common besides their firm belief in, well, nothing!  They are a Leftist wet dream– a people whose identity is essentially tribal, and based on blood and soil, but united in a Eurozone by their mutual belief in, well, again nothing!  Unless you count militant secularism as something.  Isn’t that how the Left wants to define identity here in America?  Multicultural and atheistic, and divided along racial/ethnic lines?  So how’s that working out for the Euros?  Not so well, and now word on the street is the Eurozone is caput. Under the economic stress, Europe, as well as Belgium, is cracking along it’s natural fracture point– the culture.  And the same will happen here in America if we let the multiculturalists have their way.

Although to clarify, the Left only favors primitive tribal identities based on race/ethnicity when it comes to racial minorities in the West, not when it comes to the dominant white/European population.  For the latter they desire the exact opposite.  Any hint of racial/ethnic identity in the dominant white population is to be regarded with great alarm.  Nevertheless, the multi-culti lessons to be drawn from Belgium and the Eurozone hold true.

Diversity is not strength.  At least not when it comes to the nation state.  It is at best a weakness that we should learn to cope with, and at worst a nation killer.  The Left knows this to be true, which is why they have constantly accused Western powers of purposely drawing the continent of Africa’s borders for the purpose of destabilizing them along tribal lines.  The Reality-based Community instinctively knows that disparate tribes crammed together inside a common border spells trouble.  They know it!  Because they can see for themselves how tribalism has hurt so many of Africa’s nation-states.  And yet, this is precisely their vision for the America and the West.


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