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June 24, 2010

Jewish dance troupe forced off stage

Any Jews here considering Helen’s advice and returning to Germany and Poland?  This is what’s waiting for you.  From Islam in Europe:

Members of a Jewish dance troupe were pelted with stones and insulted during a neighborhood festival in Sahlkamp, Hannover (Germany).

Politicians and local associations responded in outrage and disbelief to the antisemitic attacks in Sahlkamp. A dance troupe of the Liberal Jewish Community in Hannover was pelted with stones and insulted on Saturday during a district festival. After correlating pictures, 30 children and teenagers of mostly Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian and possibly also Turkish origin, were involved in throwing pebbles and calling insults at the eight adult dancers. The Jewish folklore group were forced to leave the stage, one dancer was hit in the leg and suffered a bruise. The international cultural festival continued after a break, the police were not notified.

Mayor Stephan Weil responded with dismay to news of the attack Tuesday. “I’m extremely sorry, especially for the dance troupe, but also for the neighborhood, that such an event would be abused for racist purposes,” Weil told the members of the Hanover integration council on Tuesday. He said the city council will lodge a complaint and will above all check why the organizers didn’t turn to the police.

Yazir Shammout, head of the Palestinian community, also responded with dismay to the incident. “Every form of violence should be condemned in the strongest terms,” he says. The Palestinian community is organizing joint actions and talks with with the Jewish representatives. “Even if we disagree, we are objective and civilized towards each other,” Shammout says. He hopes that the stone throwing doesn’t have anything to do with Israel’s Gaza policy: “Unfortunately, the widespread solidarity with the Palestinians who live here, has been abused over and over again for anti-Israel sentiments – and from those it’s only a small step to antisemitism, which really doesn’t serve anybody.” Stone throwing by youth was a characteristic of the Intifada, the Palestinian uprising, which ten years ago started its second round.


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