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June 24, 2010

Muslim prophecy: First Constantinople, next Rome

This one deserves another look see.

Good catch by this blogger, Reflections on Faith and Culture. According to Islamic prophecy, the prophet Mohammed predicted the conquest of both Constantinople and Rome.  The first half of the prophecy is now history, with the fall of Constantinople to the Muslims in 1415.  As the Muslim organizers of the above conference put it:

“Are they waiting for anything except the Hour to come to them suddenly? But its Signs have already come!” (Al-Quran, 47:18)

As one of these signs, Imam Ahmad reports in his Musnad that Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-‘As (ra) mentioned: “Whilst we were around the Prophet (saw) writing he was asked, ‘Which of the two cities will be opened first, Constantinople or Rome?‘ He (the Prophet Muhammad) answered, ‘The city of Heraclius will be opened first!'”

The “city of Heraclius” was Constantinople.  That part of the prophecy has thus been fulfilled.

The Great Ottoman, Sultan Muhammad Fatih (rh) fulfilled the first part of this prophecy by conquering Constantinople. Thus, remains the second part. Having been forced out of Andalusia, and more recently, dispersed across the Balkan states, the city of Gaius Julius Caesar (Rome) remains. So let the da’wah begin …



Muslims in the West “living under siege”, indeed.

The second part of the prophecy (Rome) has not yet come to pass.  Thus, the conference organizers proclaim, “let the dawah begin” (dawah” here means a “call”).  They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.  And why should they?  With Western culture firmly in the grip of the post-christian Leftists, they have nothing to fear.

Leftist dhimmis have practically laid the red carpet for their future Islamic overlords with their policy of mass Islamic immigration.  With demographers predicting the Muslim population in Europe to exceed 50% in the next 40-50 years, the Mohammedan prophecy appears to be right on schedule.

Thus we have less to fear from Muslim terrorists than we do mainstream Islam.  Let the conquest begin.


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  2. […] The Fall of Constantinople 1453 Filed under: Uncategorized — Jesusland @ 09:27 Here is Constantinople, the “City of Heraclius”, now Istanbul.  The first city to be “opened” by Islam in Mohammedan prophecy.  The next is Rome. […]

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  3. Chers amis,

    Depuis mon enfance j’ai toujours ressenti au plus profond de mon âme une différence entre moi et mes camarades, j’ai mis du temps pour en comprendre les raisons, ce qui me paraissait acquis et naturel ne l’était pas nécessairement pour mes proches.

    Au fil des années, j’ai compris que Dieu m’avait transmis un don, le don de clairvoyance.

    J’ai hésité avant de décider de publier mes visions dans ce blog. Une des raisons est que je n’avais pas foi en moi étant donné qu’en peut trouver de nombreuses prophéties ou visions à travers le monde.Ces prophéties sont généralement cryptées, obscures ou se sont tout simplement avérées fausses. Je tacherai par conséquent de vous décrire mes visions le plus clairement possible, je m’engage de les ajouter à fur et à mesure.

    Bref, voilà mes visions :

    Guerre au Moyen Orient entre Israël et les nations de Mahomed, cette guerre débutera entre juin et novembre 2010, l’origine de la 3 Guerre Mondiale.
    Alliance économique et militaire entre les rouges (Russie & Chine) et les nations mohamediennes.
    Révolutions et heurts sociaux en Europe, aux Etats-Unis et dans de nombreux pays.
    L’église sera mise à rude épreuve et sa transcendance.
    La troisième guerre mondiale et l’Antéchrist.
    L’effondrement de l’empire américain et de l’occident.
    La victoire de la chrétienté sur les forces de l’islam.
    La paix et l’instauration d’un gouvernement mondial après la grande guerre.
    Le retour du christ et le jour du jugement dernier.
    L’âge d’or et la conquête spatiale.
    Je reste bien évidemment à votre disposition, mes chers amis, pour tout renseignement complémentaire de votre part.

    Sincères salutations.


    Source :

    Comment by orvaillant — June 21, 2010 @ 17:40

  4. this will come to pass…islam already claimed constantinople, and muslim population grows rapidly everywhere in europe…you can hate islam all you want but demograghics are true and muslims will be a majority in europe in the future. maybe not in our lifetime, but it will be in a short time historically. by 2200 i am sure this period of europe will be over, and europe will be muslim without a doubt.

    also…there is no need to make this into a bad thing. religion wise…myself i am muslim but am friends with christian people, i do not hate. however, religion is religion…there can only be one true religion…in my opinion, for islam to fullfill its prophepies, and by Rome [in the future] being a Muslim city…that means Islam is the true religion. if christ were to return and proclaim christianity as the true religion..i would convert, however if christianity is supplanted by islam, then that is just proof that your religion was false. and islam is the truth, so far, it seems Islam is the truth, and that is why Europe and Rome will be muslim lands in the not far off future.


    Comment by ahmed — June 24, 2010 @ 01:52

  5. Ahmed,

    no offense to you personally, but I consider Islam a blight upon the Earth. I would sooner die than convert.

    Comment by Jesusland — June 24, 2010 @ 09:13

  6. Muhammad Abdullah Abdulmuttaleb ( the founder of Islam ) allegedly claimed that the Antichrist (called the Dajjal) was to appear shortly after the Muslim conquest of Constantinople.

    The following traditions are taken from the Sunan Abu Dawud:

    Narrated Mu’adh ibn Jabal:
    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The flourishing state of Jerusalem will be when Yathrib is in ruins, the ruined state of Yathrib will be when the great war comes, the outbreak of the great war will be at the conquest of Constantinople and the conquest of Constantinople when the Dajjal (Antichrist) comes forth. He (the Prophet) struck his thigh or his shoulder with his hand and said: This is as true as you are here or as you are sitting (meaning Mu’adh ibn Jabal).

    Narrated Mu’adh ibn Jabal:
    The Prophet said: The greatest war, the conquest of Constantinople and the coming forth of the Dajjal (Antichrist) will take place within a period of seven months.

    Narrated Abdullah ibn Busr:
    The Prophet said: The time between the great war and the conquest of the city (Constantinople) will be six years, and the Dajjal (Antichrist) will come forth in the seventh.

    Accordingly, Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 636 AD. Constantinople was taken over by Muslims in May 1453 AD. Yet the prophecy regarding Yathrib (Medina) being in ruins and Antichrist’s advent to take place seven months after the conquest of Constantinople did not materialize. Based on the preceding traditions Antichrist was to appear in November 1453.

    Hence, in light of the preceding factors we are forced to conclude that Muhammad’s predictions failed to materialize, thus disqualifying him regarding his claim to prophethood.

    Muhammad also believed in a young earth and that the world was about to end shortly after his advent. The following citations are taken from The History of al-Tabari, Volume 1 – General Introduction and from the Creation to the Flood :

    ” Ibn Abbas said : This world is one of the weeks of the other world – seven thousand years. Six thousand two hundred years have already passed. (The world) will surely experience hundreds of years, during which there will be no believer in the oneness of God there. Others said that the total extent of time is six thousand years.” (Tabari, pp. 172-173)

    According to at-Tabari , Muhammad believe that the end of the world was to occur 500 years after his coming:

    Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of God said: When I was sent (to transmit the divine message), I and the Hour were like these two, pointing at his index and middle fingers.” (Tabari, p. 176) .
    Hence, according to these traditions Muhammad believed that not only was the world less than 7,000 years old but it was to end on the seventh day, or seven thousand years from the time it was created.

    Accordingly, the world should have ended sometime between 1070-1132 AD, approximately 500 years after the birth and death of Muhammad. This is based on the fact that according to at-Tabari and others, the advent of Muhammad took place approximately 6,500 years from the time of creation of the world. This is clearly a false prophecy.
    other traditions have Muhammad predicting that the end was to come within the lifetime of his followers:

    Sahih Muslim
    ‘A’isha reported that when the desert Arabs came to Allah’s Messenger (p.b.u.h) they asked about the Last Hour as to when that would come. And he looked towards the youngest amongst them and said: If he lives he would not grow very old that he would find your Last Hour coming to you he would see you dying.

    Sahih Muslim
    Anas reported that a person asked Allah’s Messenger (p.b.u.h) as to when the Last Hour would come. He had in his presence a young boy of the Ansar who was called Mahammad. Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: If this young boy lives, he may not grow very old till (he would see) the Last Hour coming to you.

    Muhammad clearly said that the young boy wouldn’t have grown very old before the Last Hour came upon the people. Now let us be generous and suppose that the young boy was ten and lived to be hundred and ten years old, implying that the Last Hour was to take place a hundred years after Muhammad made these statements. Yet, centuries have passed and the Last Hour still hasn’t come upon us.

    Comment by Pat — December 16, 2010 @ 14:26

  7. if the muslims could conquer Constantinople, the most powerful city in Europe, in 1453, then why couldnt they conquer Rome in that time, even though Rome was weaker?

    Comment by Johnnyboiiii — December 30, 2012 @ 20:11

  8. In reply to the above: Constantinople was by no means the most powerful city in Europe in 1453, not by a longshot! The Byzantines were weakened by 700 years of endless attacks by Muslims and really its a surprise they lasted so long. The Persian empire was completely destroyed in 10 years in comparison. Between 700ad and 1100ad Constantinople was probably tops as far as European city strength goes, but even then it was a shadow of its former self [the Byzantines were basically a city state in the 1100s – when they were a vast empire in the past, quite a change]. Beyond the 1100’s the Austrian-Germans were becoming a huge force in Europe and they took up the “banner” when the Byzantine Empire was defeated to defend Central Europe [and Rome] from the Muslim Turks-Ottomans. Vienna was THE city from 1200 onto the 1700 and 1800s.

    In context it is funny to see that Europe is now welcoming its enemies inside its gates, go back 200 hundred years and those turks would have been allah-akbar killing everyone in Rome or Berlin. Today the christian natives of Europe are welcoming them to move to their countries with arms wide out to greet them, which is nice in a kumbay yah type of way but at the same time it seems deceptive. When Muslims achieve a majority in Europe [and they will at current growth rates sooner or later] will they be as tolerant as the native Europeans are of them today ? I doubt it. It will probably be Islam Islam Islam or die.

    Comment by gerard — February 21, 2013 @ 23:42

  9. Masha – ALLAH!! Istanbul is a part of Turkey! A MUSLIM country!! By Allah’s Grace, Rome too is gonna become a part of the MUSLIM WORLD!! AMEEN…….

    Comment by Hameed — September 14, 2013 @ 04:48

  10. I am a rational person, who, of course, cannot believe in the existence of any supernatural beings (as we have absolutely no evidence that supernatural beings exist). I have lived and worked for many years in Islamic countries. I have observed how killing and deadening life in those countries is. Islam stifles creativity and freedom of expression. Life in Islamic states is heavily proscribed. Turkey cannot be permitted to join the European Union. And Islam in Europe must be controlled.

    Comment by Charles — December 13, 2013 @ 08:34

  11. This is a reply to:
    “Comment by Pat — December 16, 2010 @ 14:26”.

    This is what Pat said that the Prophet of Islam (Pbuh) said:
    “Sahih Muslim
    ‘A’isha reported that when the desert Arabs came to Allah’s Messenger (p.b.u.h) they asked about the Last Hour as to when that would come. And he looked towards the youngest amongst them and said: If he lives he would not grow very old that he would find your Last Hour coming to you he would see you dying.”

    Pat says the Prophet of Islam (Pbuh) said the “Last Hour will come for the whole human race before a boy living then became old”. Not so! The Prophet (Pbuh) never made such a statement meaning the judgement day would befall all human race before the boy in his time got old. What he meant was a similar type of judgement would befall the old living at the time when they die and before the old boy got old. Let me explain. The people wanted to know from the Prophet of Islam (Pbuh) when “Judgement Day” would come as they were eager to face judgement from God. Now, there are 2 kinds of “Judgements” every human soul has to go through. The first judgement each soul faces is faced or experienced singularly on “personal and singular level” and the other judgement he/she will face or experience will be in a “congregation of the whole human race” after the “Last hour of this world” and “after the world has been destroyed at the trumpet blowing and the world recreated again at another trumpet blowing and everyone resurrected and Hell and Heaven brought forth before our eyes”.

    When humans die, each soul are sort of judged the very moment they die (the very moment each of us see our “own Last hour” in this world). When the sinner dies his soul tastes punishment when he/she is dying and when his soul is taken out of his/her body the death Angels beat him/her up when taking the soul up into heaven towards God. When the non-sinner dies, the death Angels do the opposite and give him/her comfort while taking the soul up towards God. This is the first judgement (in my opinion) each and every one of us humans face at different times. Another judgement we face the very moment we are in our graves “all alone”. These first 2 judgements are at a “personal or singular level” and not “in a congregation” because not all humans die at the same time just as not all humans are born at the same time. Our ancestors who are dead have already gone through these 2 stages of judgment and are awaiting the “Final Hour for this World” and the “Final Judgment” after resurrection. Anyway, the dead are asked in their graves about their Religion by 2 Angels (AS) such as “Who is your Lord ?”, “What is your Religion ?” etc. If the dead answer correctly then they are given glad tidings of Paradise and shown their place in Paradise etc. where they will live after the “Day of Judgement” or “Last Hour for the whole human race” takes place after the trumpet is blown and this world sees it’s “Last Hour”. But if the dead fail to answer these 2 Angels correctly (because they died as non-Muslims outside the true Religion of God which is Islam) then they receive the punishment in their graves as “disbelievers in the true Religion of God” and get labelled as “God’ Enemy”.
    The first stage of judgement befalls each of us here at a “personal level” as soon as we die be it while our souls are being transported to Heaven towards God and in the grave. And this judgement (comfort for the non-sinner and punishment for the sinner) will continue continuously and only stop when the trumpet is blown by the Angel Israfeel (AS) at the “Last Hour of this world” and the world is blown to bits and come to an end and everything is destroyed and everyone is dead.
    So, from this we learn that, “judgement” comes in 3 stages and the first falls on each and every one of us the very moment we are dead. It also falls on us again in the grave at the hands of the 2 Angels. The first 2 judgements fall on each individual personally at different times as not all humans die at the same time and not all humans go to the grave at the same time. But the “Final Judgement” starts at a “congregation” and only after the “Last hour of this world” comes and the trumpet is blown and the world is destroyed and the world is recreated again at another trumpet blow and everyone is resurrected and gathered in a congregation infront of God to be judged and for the non-sinners to be get sent to Paradise in a congregation and the sinners to Hell in another congregation. The final judgement is in a group level.

    More than 1400 years ago, the old people wanted to know when the “judging” would occur and so the Prophet of Islam (Pbuh) pointed to a young boy and said their “judging” (their “Personal Last Hour” in this world and the judgement they would face on a “Personal” ir “Individual” level) would accur before that boy is old because it is obvious that by the time the young boy reaches his old age the old generation living at that time would already been long dead and gone to their graves and already gone through their 1st and/or 2nd level of judgement before the young boy became old. And so, the Prophet of Islam 100% rightly pointed out that the old generations’ “judging” would occur before their young becomes old.
    In short, each of us humans do not have to wait for the “day of judgement for the whole human race” or the “Last Hour of this world” to face judgement falling on us by God because each and every one of us would start receiving “judgement” the very moment we breathe our last and die (Faced our “last hour” in life). Each of us would personally face judgement befalling us the very moment we taste death.
    If anyone has any answers on Islam then read and Beware of fake Islamic sites created by Christian missionaries and Zionist Jews to mislead the people of this world by lying about Islam.

    Comment by Ali — June 10, 2014 @ 20:01

  12. Ali. You appear to have been completely taken in by supernaturalism, so you need to locate a good mental health practitioner and to seek help. Book an appointment with your doctor and ask for a referral. Delusions can be deep-seated, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be escaped. They are never fixed. You CAN escape such delusions. Good luck.

    Comment by Charles — June 11, 2014 @ 03:43

  13. There will come a time when constantinople will again be in contorol of christians and again the muslims will defeat christians and then at the moment antichrist (dajjal) will arrive and the Hazarat Esa (A.S) will kill him.

    Comment by hamza muhammed — June 21, 2014 @ 11:48

  14. Hi guys
    Maybe this post is somewhat old but it did take my attention
    I am a Muslim and I will say this from the third person perspective, because I myself as a Muslim searched a lot for the true religion in my own behave and let me say this clearly Muslims ,just like the majority of world population, are so racial and religious maniacs most people of the world truly are, but through reading and searching for about 5 years now I can tell you this the religion itself is not the problem .It’s how the Muslim scholars understand the texts and make the people understand it ,is the true problem, I had my questions and my doubts as a man with free mind and when I tried to ask , the majority of people tries to silence me like if I ask the whole world will collapse and god will destroy the universe while I read in Qur’an and a lot of Sunnah texts that you should find your own truth and you must search for it, and I can say with ease that it’s the translation problem, It’s how their wrong allocated minds work, and Muslims should really understand their religion more than this, It’s not that hard to understand on the contrary the texts I am not talking about some sophisticated texts I am talking about the majority of the religion texts and orders it’s about love and freedom and coexistence not war and violent ,And when you talked about this particular prophecy it made me remember some Jews and Christian prophecy about Messiah return or reborn and ruling the world and world peace and so on , although Muslims also believe in such term in another way, so it’s not some Muslim only type of words or proclamation, It’s a whole world religious prophecies with the same type out there, so you shouldn’t panic at all, or say help us Muslims will eliminate us all, no, no, no, it’s not like that, and believe me when the right time comes, the truth will prevail, whether it’s the Muslim prophecy, or any other if your point of view about religion is true, then don’t panic all religions see the others as infidels and heretics in a way or another .

    Comment by ammar gamal — November 7, 2015 @ 12:46

  15. It doesn’t matter which is the true religion. What matters most is that religion teaches us good and to respect each other and the gift of life. Why should we proclaim a certain religion is greater than the other? Who are we to judge?

    Comment by Nil — July 8, 2016 @ 12:51

  16. Rome is Babylon in the bible, it is prophesied be destroyed at some point

    Comment by dannyr88 — August 24, 2016 @ 04:16

  17. In Islam there is a Qura’n Aya Which says ( You have your religion and I have mine ) it means worship any god your like and let me worship mine , If it was about superiority , it would have said I will fight you for my god , every religion believer whatever his or her religion or philosophy is , surely believes his religion is to the truth and others are wrong , it’s a human nature strife for superiority , the problem begins when I neglect the teachings of my religion and fight in its name like Christians did in the crusades or so called Muslim terrorists do now , by the way in Islam there is a slate for those terrorists we call them outsiders OR Khawarej which mean a Muslim by name and a man of corruption and we are ordered to fight them , If we don’t we are sinners.

    Comment by agefox — January 15, 2017 @ 03:25

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