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July 1, 2010

The Unicultural Caliphate

As previously noted by Mark Steyn, multiculturalism is a unicultural phenonemon. Meaning, only Western culture believes in it.

Here Islam tells the West: multiculturalism for you, not for us.  Via Vlad Tepes:

“Here is a clip where Muslims advise each other to abandon the notion of ‘Eurabia’ and just make Europe Muslim altogether. They do this by ending the most famous part of the 4th movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, something that never could have been or ever will be written by a Muslim as playing an instrument is forbidden in Islam, and the score changes to pointless droning superstitious rhyme-less chants. The video just shows Mosques all over Europe and one can’t help but notice that the architecture, every bit of it, is stolen from Islam’s earlier foray into Europe with great Byzantine domes and spires and so on. But the main thing is, the mask of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘outreach’ is off.”


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