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July 5, 2010

Gallup: Conservatives Over Twice As Likely As Libs to Be Patriotic

They claim to be “citizens of the world.”  But whatever you do, do NOT question their patriotism!

Conservatives are more than twice as likely as liberals to express very strong patriotism, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll in which 48 percent of conservatives said they were “extremely patriotic,” but only 19 percent of liberals made that claim.

The poll asked respondents this question: “How patriotic are you? Would you say extremely patriotic, very patriotic, somewhat patriotic, or not especially patriotic?” The poll surveyed a random sample of 1,014 adults from June 11-13, and the margin of error was plus-or-minus 4 percentage points.

Overall, 72 percent of Americans said they were either extremely (32 percent) or very patriotic (42 percent), with another 19 percent saying they were somewhat patriotic. Only 6 percent said they were “not especially patriotic.”


No big surprise here.  Patriotism is akin to Nazism to Leftists in the know.  It was the punchline to their jokes at cocktail parties back in my Lib days.  Patriotism is right up there with religion as the opium of the masses.  It is antithetical to their utopian project on so many levels.  Patriotism divides the workers of the world, rather than unite them.  It’s how the likes of Haliburton and Dick Cheney get us into wars of intervention.  Conservative patriotism towards America is as suspect to a Leftist as is a N. Korean’s patriotism towards the Fatherland.  The object of their patriotism is irrelevant when patriotism itself is the enemy.  But just don’t question a Leftist’s patriotism (in public).


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