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July 21, 2010

Breitbart On Sherrod — How He got the Tape, Why he released it

This story is developing as we speak.  Here’s the latest.  Andrew Breitbart released the tape, and here he gives his version of the events.  As always, you decide.

Breitbart On Sherrod’s NAACP Speech: ‘I Did Not Edit This Thing’

The crux of the Shirley Sherrod controversy is what she said outside of the two-minute video clip posted by Big Government — whether she was, as she claims, telling a story about how she overcame racial prejudice while helping poor farmers in Georgia, or whether the clip is a good encapsulation of her views. So we asked Andrew Breitbart, the founder of Big Government, why he hasn’t posted the full video.

“I don’t have it,” Breitbart told TPMmuckraker in an interview. Breitbart said his source sent him just the edited clips at first, but is in the process of sending the full video.  Breitbart said he’ll post the full video, if he can get permission from the video production company who filmed it for a local NAACP chapter. He also maintained that he didn’t edit the clip and that it was sent to him already edited.

The Sherrod video is, he said, “way more evidence of racism than anything that the mainstream media and TPM and all of the rest of you Spencer Ackerman friends provided to prove that the tea party was racist.”


And on Fox News last night:

Breitbart: “The reason Shirly Sherrod is the story right now and not the NAACP is because the White House made the story about Shirley.  They threw her under the bus.”


  1. […] That still doesn’t address the way the tape was cut, which made Ms. Sherrod look like a bitter racist.  That’s what’s really bothering me right now.  Was this done maliciously?  Or just carelessly.  Here’s how I see it.  If the tape was released to show Shirley Sherrod in the worst possible light, then it was dishonestly cut on purpose.  If on the other hand it was cut in order to show her racist audience, then I suppose the editing was somewhat more acceptable.  At least it wasn’t done maliciously to harm Ms. Sherrod.  And finally, was the tape even cut at all?  Or did the NAACP release the tape we saw as is. We don’t know yet. [We now know Breitbart released it just as he received it] […]

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  2. […] on the longer unedited tape which, by the way, the NAACP is in possession of.  When Breitbart appeared on Sean Hannity that same night, he insisted that this video was NOT supposed to be about Sherrod; it was about the people in the […]

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