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July 21, 2010

NAACP Lashes out at Fox News, White House Stands by Decision to Fire

Fired: Shirley Sherrod

This is a story the MSM will not ignore, I guarantee you that.  Things are moving at a fairly rapid clip, but this is where we are right now.  The White House fired Shirley Sherrod, and the NAACP claims they were “snookered” by a dishonestly edited tape.  But how is that possible if they own the full tape? Did they not watch their own tape before jumping to conclusions and overreacting?  Why not?  Is it possible they were more concerned about “public perception” than in treating this woman fairly?

That still doesn’t address the way the tape was cut, which made Ms. Sherrod look like a bitter racist.  That’s what’s really bothering me right now.  Was this done maliciously?  Or just carelessly.  Here’s how I see it.  If the tape was released to show Shirley Sherrod in the worst possible light, then it was dishonestly cut on purpose.  If on the other hand it was cut in order to show her racist audience, then I suppose the editing was somewhat more acceptable.  At least it wasn’t done maliciously to harm Ms. Sherrod.  And finally, was the tape even cut at all?  Or did the NAACP release the tape we saw as is. We don’t know yet. [We now know Breitbart released it just as he received it]

Regardless, the NAACP has the full tape, and nobody’s to blame for Ms. Sherrod’s unjust firing but the White House and the NAACP for not looking at the evidence in their own possession.  This time their race baiting got some blowback, and they panicked and overreacted.

NAACP Blames Fox News and Breitbart for Sherrod’s Firing

The sandal surrounding the firing of Shirley Sherrod is getting weirder by the second. Now the NAACP is blaming Fox News and Andrew Breitbart for the NAACP’s own overreaction to the release of the video of Ms Sherrod, released on Big Government yesterday.

As soon as Ms Sherrod  blasted the NAACP for not talking to her before bashing her the NAACP withdrew their statement.  That’s when Ben Jealous then called Sherrod to find out her side of the story.  Following their conversation NAACP President Jealous released the following statement

“With regard to the initial media coverage of the resignation of USDA official Shirley Sherrod, we have come to the conclusion we were snookered by Fox News and Tea Party Activist Andrew Breitbart into believing she had harmed white farmers because of racial bias,” said Jealous. “Having reviewed the full tape, spoken to Ms. Sherrod, and most importantly heard the testimony of the white farmers mentioned in this story, we now believe the organization that edited the documents did so with the intention of deceiving millions of Americans.”

“The fact is Ms. Sherrod did help the white farmers mentioned in her speech,” he continued. “They personally credit her with helping to save their family farm.”

Snookered??? How could they be snookered, Shirley Sherrod spoke at an NAACP event. Mr. Jealous had access to the entire tape but he never bothered to look at it before he blasted Ms Sherrod.  Sorry Mr. Jealous, but you can’t be snookered when you hold all of the evidence.  And you are still missing a  major part of the video  its not necessarily about Shirley Sherrod. Watch the video again, listen for the approval of the crowd as she talked disparagingly about the white farmer and how she sent him to one of his own for help.  You see, Ms Sherrod’s story doesn’t change the fact that the NAACP audience seemed to have approved of her actions when she talked about not helping the white farmer.

Shirley Sherrod’s story doesn’t change the fact Ben Jealous had access to the entire video and blasted Sherrod without watching it.  That is not the fault of Andrew Breitbart, nor is it the fault of Fox News, it is the fault of only one person, Ben Jealous President of the NAACP.


Obama Administration Stands by Sherrod’s Firing

Agriculture Department spokesman Chris Mather said Sherrod was let go because of what she said in March that was captured on the videotape, not due to her actions in regard to the farmer two decades ago.  “She was asked to resign because of the comment she made when she was a political appointee. It’s not what happened decades ago. It’s the comments she made in March.”

A White House official said that President Barack Obama was briefed after Vilsack made the decision on Sherrod – and that the decision was Vilsack’s alone but that the White House backed the decision.  This official also said the White House — contrary to the Sherrod’s charge — did not pressure the Agriculture Department to fire her.

Read the whole thing here. Expect to hear a lot more about this story over the next few days. After ignoring the New Black Panther Story, the false and manufactured accusations of racism against the tea party and the raw video disproving charges made by Rep. Andre Carson against the tea party movement, the media has gone ‘all in’ in defense of Shirley Sherrod. It give the media pause that, even with full video of her speech available, the Administration stands by its decision to fire her. Moreover, they are directly refuting her claims. After finally viewing the full speech, we are thinking the media hitched the wagon to the wrong star. As they say, stay tuned.



  1. Breibart should face criminal prosecution along with fox news and those that manipulated the tape, slandered and ultimately caused debacle because the democratic admin was cowardly when reacting to Tparty psychopathic bullying.

    the NAACP were the first to apologize and then defend Ms Sherrod. The only other defense came from the white farmer, her FRIEND. Who supposedly was the racist victim according to Evil Breibart.

    I’ve yet to see any TParty members apologize for something that could lead to criminal convictions.

    Comment by Carlson and crewe — July 21, 2010 @ 08:25

  2. What does the Tea Party have to do with this again? Like the allegations of racism against them– nothing.

    The NAACP, the entire Liberal Media establishment, and the Congressional black caucus should face criminal prosecution for their racial slanders against the Tea party.

    Comment by Jesusland — July 21, 2010 @ 08:30

  3. White House: Fired black official to get apology…

    >> sherrod is with us from atlanta. ms. sherrod , good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what a 24- 48 hours you have had. let’……

    Trackback by — July 21, 2010 @ 14:00

  4. […] Sherrod 5 hours before Fox News even aired the tape, 2)  the full unedited tape has always been in the possession of Ben Jealous and the NAACP, and 3)  it appears Ben Jealous himself was in attendance that day at […]

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  5. Is there something else amiss here?The very sharp action of “jumping to conclusions” and “rush to action” taken by the NAACP and the administration, seem to indicate “we was jess waitin for huh to do sump’n so we could git rid o huh. We never liked her no how. Always tri’en to take up for the little weak folks.

    Comment by JohnSr — July 23, 2010 @ 08:08

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