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July 23, 2010

The New Counter Culture

Please read this one before sending your kids to college.  This is what civilizational decline looks like.

Academia’s Diversity Problem

The picketers had a special message for 19-year-old Sara Mikolajczak as she entered:  “Racist, sexist, anti-gay / right-wing bigot go away.”  The UW political science major was the target of the reactionary rhyming because, as chair of the College Republicans, she brought in conservative David Horowitz to speak about the mistreatment of women in Middle East dictatorships.

“I’ve been called names before,” Mikolajczak recalls. The problem with the Horowitz event, sponsored by the UW-Madison College Republicans, “was the death threats and the rape threats.”

Not from Muslim students but from the liberal-progressive contingent. A month later, Chancellor John Wiley sent the college student a $1,300 bill for the police security she required. (For the Cindy Sheehan appearance, the university picked up the tab.)

At least Mikolajczak didn’t get beer and urine poured on her, as allegedly did sophomore LaVonne Derksen and other college Republicans when they protested the use of student fees to bring Michael Moore in 2004.

“Students today who are conservative are the rebels, the counterculture.” Richardson came to academia from his own counterculture, the Marine Corps Band.

Please read the rest.

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