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July 26, 2010 (website) reported on Sherrod Tape Day AFTER her firing

Shills for the Obama Administration are blaming Fox News for the mistakes President Obama has only himself to blame.  First they blamed Fox News (Glen Beck) for getting Shirley Sherrod fired on July 19, but it turns out Bill O’reilly didn’t air the tape until 5 hours AFTER the Obama Administration had fired her.  Glenn Beck actually defended her from the racism charges when he reported on her the next day.  When that didn’t work, Obama shills moved the goalposts and are now claiming the Obama administration was reacting to the Sherrod tape as reported on  But the Fox website didn’t report on Sherrod until the following day, July 20.  Again, FAIL.  Face it Lefties, Obama threw this “saint” of a woman under the bus along with everybody else he deems politically inconvenient.  He fears Glenn Beck more than he loves black people.  Racist.

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  1. […] By mid afternoon of the same day, Ms. Sherrod’s boss, Cheryl Cook, called her and fired her because “you’re going to be on Glenn Beck tonight”.  In fact, she did not appear on Beck that night.  He made no mention of her whatsoever.  She did appear on Beck the following night though, and he was DEFENDING her.  The first mention of the Shirley Sherrod tape on Fox News was on Bill O’Reilly’s show which aired at 8 p.m. That’s almost five hours AFTER Sherrod was fired.  Nor did the website report the story until July 20. […]

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