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July 28, 2010

Reporters compete, Journo-lists collude

What ever happenned to “the scoop”?  What ever happened to being the first to break a story, or being first at the scene?  Back in the day when they were called “reporters”, journalists used to compete.  Even the lowly blogger competes, as he tries to scoop a story and demands attribution when their unique take on something is borrowed.  Fred Barnes says conservative journalists and columnists are loners who compete for the scoop, while Liberal journalists seem to work as a pack.  In the past, the lowly reporter used to compete too.  Today, the exalted journalist colludes:

As a journalist I would never in a million years think to plan, organize, compile and collate stories among those whom I see as my competition. I want to beat them on stories, I want to break stories they don’t have and I want to report on angles they had never thought of. I like to do that here on Big Journalism I can read the other articles and admire the work I see and always try to come up with something better. I believe in competition. I love competition.

If anybody thinks it’s just a coincidence that virtually every name on the JournoList is left-wing and that each of the publications are left-wing and there just so happens to be a Democrat strategist on the list, and numerous left-wing professors on the list, then you are gullible enough to vote for Barack Obama. As it has been said, then I assume you believe a bunch of monkeys on keyboards given enough time could write Hamlet as well.

This collaboration will be discounted by each of those on the list. They will ignore, deflect and discount their participation in this cabal. The only hope of the JournoListas is that their uninformed viewers/listeners/readers don’t find out, or don’t care, that they plot their agenda driven dribble with other media to work as copy machines for Democrats. They are media people who want always to be seen and heard, but on this issue, blindness is golden.

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  1. When Dr. Johnson, 18th-19th-c. British polymath, was asked about freedom of the press, he is quoted as saying: “Freedom of the press, yes, but also freedom of the cudgel.”
    Is there a non-violent method to send the Commies back under their rocks?

    Comment by Thorvald — July 28, 2010 @ 05:51

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