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August 2, 2010

France Protest Video Sparks Outrage With Usual Suspects

People claim to be “outraged” by this, but I don’t buy it for a second.  It seems an apartment building was deemed unsafe and was scheduled for demolition, and the city of Paris had provided hotel rooms for the people until they could find some new digs.  But the squatters refused to leave, presumably because of the killer rent in that city.  That’s when all “hell” broke lose.  Here is an English source for this story:

According to CBS News partner Sky News, about 60 protesters set up camp on July 21 outside the housing project from which they had been evicted. The video shows one screaming woman fall down with a baby on her back before being dragged several feet by police officers.

A pregnant woman is also seen apparently unconscious on the pavement.

According to France 24, police in Seine-Saint-Denis released a statement saying the eviction operation, which apparently targeted illegal immigrants, “was carried out in relatively good conditions.” The report said not all of those protesting were in the country illegally. Most of the immigrants involved were from the Ivory Coast.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

LULZ Multiculturalism.  The men use their women as shields, and the women do the same with their babies.  How sympathetic they come off, no?  When I was a kid, police brutality meant the arresting officers were actually, well, brutal.  Today, you need simply resist the arresting officer’s gentle proddings to nail them with “brutality.”  You, gentle reader, know what police brutality looks like.  You’ve seen real examples of it on your TV screens on numerous ocassions.  Now they are trying to convince you that this clip equals the beating of Rodney King.  Law and order is anathema to the culture destroyers.

The article also say “not all of those protesting were in the country illegally,” as if the issue hinges on citizenship.  But their citizenship is irrelevant where police brutality is concerned, isn’t it?  This is another small, but revealing, glimpse into Lefty’s mind.  It says more about them than it does about you.  No peace-loving human being deserves a beating, regardless of citizenship.  That goes without saying.  The article’s reference to their citizenship was just a lame attempt to garner sympathy for the protest.  Their operating assumption is that you will balk at the sight of naturalized citizens being arrested, but will break out into a human wave watching illegal aliens getting beaten to a bloody pulp.


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