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August 3, 2010

CNN’s Feyerick interviews Ground Zero Mosque Developer

This comes as a pleasant surprise.  CNN correspondent Deborah Feyerick conducted a surprisingly assertive interview of Cordoba mosque developer, Sharif El-Gamel at his New York City office.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

She casts all PC to the wind and bluntly asks him, “Why not have a prayer space for Buddhists or Jews or Christians? Why must it be Muslim? Doh!  She even says the mosque is so close to Ground Zero that one of the plane’s landing gear landed on the roof.  El-Gamel replies, “There are Jewish community centers all over the country,” but Feyerick interrupts him and goes in for the kill: “But the Jews didn’t take down two towers.” El-Gamel doesn’t respond but continues with his memorized talking points:  “there are YMCA’s all over the country,” but she stops him dead in his tracks: “But the Christians didn’t take down two towers.”  “For those who are so- still sensitive and so raw to this, their question- their overriding question is, why here? Why so close? It’s two blocks, but it was close enough that landing gear ended up on the roof. Why?


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