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August 3, 2010

Moar Gay: CBS President Apologizes for Not Having Enough Homosexual Propaganda

July 30, 2010 ( — CBS President Nina Tassler has apologized for the network’s low rating on the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’s (GLAAD) recent “Network Responsibility Index,” which ranked broadcast and cable networks by the percentage of “LGBT-inclusive” hours in their original prime time programming.

“We’re very disappointed in our track record so far,” said Tassler at the Television Critics Association fall previews.  “We’ll try to do better.” CBS received the worst rating of the five broadcast networks evaluated, with 7% of its original primetime programming being classified as “LGBT-inclusive.”

GLAAD had faulted CBS for having no regular LGBT series characters.  CBS had homosexual characters in at least three reality shows, a recurring homosexual character in one series, and homosexual characters in single episodes of at least two other shows.

GLAAD also blamed CBS series such as “CSI” and “NCSIS: Los Angeles” for having “a track record of portraying LGBT people as only victims or pathological killers.”  “CBS needs to ensure that this does not happen in the future,” they said.

Promising to make up for past failures, Tassler said the show “The Good Wife” would introduce a homosexual character, and there would be a recurring homosexual character on “S#*! My Dad Says.” GLAAD President Jarret Barrios said that it was “encouraging that CBS shares our disappointment in the network’s lack of gay and transgender representation and we are hopeful that the new characters will help build awareness and understanding of our community among viewers.”

“After two years of receiving a ‘failing’ grade and a commitment last year to be more inclusive, we hope that CBS President Nina Tassler makes true on this promise to bring the network more in line with the industry standard.”


And they say “What gay agenda”?   lol.

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