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August 5, 2010

Third Worldization of America

I grew up in the Third World where gatekeepers were a basic necessity.  If you couldn’t afford one, tall walls with glass and razor wire would have to do.  That’s what’s happening to parts of the American southwest.  Via The Westerner:

Elizabeth Burns said… My name is Elizabeth Burns and that little boy in the movie is my son, Finn. About two weeks ago, we decided to abandon the ranch. It’s too dangerous and it’s not worth it. I have a youtube page and I have been interviewing the passing by illegals and filming the border patrol stuff. I made all the movies at the ranch myself. You might “enjoy” that inside view.  My youtube page is  I have a blog and I saw lots of traffic coming from a chatboard that linked back to your blog. That is how I found it. I will check out your other posts Thanks for spreading the word about the border headaches.

My experiences growing up and traveling extensively overseas has given me a very healthy appreciation for America.   That’s why this “third worldization” bothers me so much.  This country is going to the crapper, and if you don’t accept that you’re a racist.

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