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August 12, 2010

Racially Divisive Senator Doesn’t Get How whites could vote Democrat

Ooops.  I meant a racially divisive Dem senator doesn’t get how hispanics could vote Republican.

I don’t get how hispanics could sell themselves out for a few pieces of silver and vote for the party of gay marriage, atheism, and Catholic bashing.

But remember folks, it’s the “Republicans” and the “rightwing” who are stirring up racial animus and pitting Americans against each other along racial lines.  This is the narrative which is expected to come as naturally and uncritically to you as breathing air.

Ministry of Irony update: and while hispanics may not vote for Republicans, Republicans will vote for hispanics.   Harry Reid’s son, Rory, is getting his butt kicked in Nevada by Republican Brian Sandoval, who is HISPANIC and favors the Arizona immigration law. lulz


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