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August 19, 2010

The True Meaning of “Cordoba”

You got to give Islam credit.  They know how to fight a culture war.  Islam grows increasingly bolder by the day, as its adherents make ever more strident and aggressive demands to worship in the Cordoba cathedral in Spain. It has even led to altercations, physical injury, and arrests. The cathedral was once a mosque 750 years ago, though built on the foundations of a Visigothic christian church that preceded it.  And though centuries have passed, Muslims still view Spain– and that cathedral– as theirs.  They still mourn their Al-Andalus, their “lost pearl”.  And they will press, and press, and press, until Christendom’s resolve, which has been so eroded by secular progressive New Tolerance, finally gives way for the sake of multiculti comity.  Europe is so lost, and America is not far behind.

“Are we not talking about the co-existence of three religions?  The bishop there has an opportunity to show action.  We have to put into practice the [multicultural] theories, and make them true and real.”

“The day we allow them to use the Cathedral, even a little corner of it, is the day they will say all the Cathedral is theirs.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is the link to the original CNN article so that you may take heart from the comments section which has apparently been overrun by Drudgebots.

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