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August 26, 2010

Leftists Blame Muslim cab driver Stabbing on Democrats

A progressive non-profit group supporting the Islamic cultural center in downtown Manhattan released a video on Thursday chastising prominent Democrats for enabling the anti-Muslim sentiment that led to the stabbing of a cab driver this week.

The New York-based Agenda Project took aim at some unusual suspects in its latest push to coalesce public opinion around the building of the Cordoba House. In the latest in a series of videos, the group named former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, New York Gov. David Patterson, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid along with Newt Gingrich, John McCain, and Sarah Palin as culprits to blame for an environment of prejudice against Muslim Americans.


A rare case of Leftists acting on principle and intellectual honesty?  Sadly, no.  First of all, these progressives are considerably to the Left of the Democratic party establishment, and their self-designated role is to pull the Dems further to the left.  In this case, they have merely calculated that it’s a far better use of their limited time and resources trying to stem further Democratic party defections than wasting their limited resources attacking the American people.  But ultimately we know that whenever the Left plays the race card, against whomever it may be, it’s all about control– not principle.


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