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October 26, 2010

“Most Anti-Catholic Ad You’ll Ever see”


Christianity ignores the poor?  The Catholic Church ignores the poor?  Really?  This is the kind of Leftist attack you’d expect on fat cat tycoons and rapacious capitalists.  But the Church?  The Democrat party has long been the Liberal party in a right-of-center country, so they’ve generally treated the American voter as you might a sleeping bear– no sudden moves.  This most definitely qualifies as a sudden move!  It’s the most blatant anti-christian thing I’ve yet seen from the Democrats.  It’s the logical conclusion to the militantly secularist, multi-culti worldview that the Dem party is promoting.   This is their trajectory.

The state central committee of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is distributing an ad described by a National Catholic Register blogger as “the most anti-Catholic political ad you’ll ever see.” In the ad, a man dressed as a priest wears a campaign button that says “ignore the poor.”

The Catholic Charities network is the nation’s fourth largest non-profit, according to The NonProfit Times. The combined revenue of the Catholic Charities network from all sources, public and private, was $2.69 billion in 2000. Nearly 90 percent of these funds were spent on programs and services, making the Catholic Charities network one of the country’s most efficient charities. Today, the Catholic Charities network — more than 1,600 local agencies and institutions nationwide — provide help, sometimes with government funding, and create hope for 6,597,998 in 2003, regardless of religious, social, or economic backgrounds thanks to the dedication of more than 51,000 staff and 175,000 volunteers.



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