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October 30, 2010

Who’s Afraid of Mohammed

Leftist slip showing: Maher afraid of Islam

Is Bill Maher’s show still called “Politically Incorrect?”  (Or was that his previous one)  Because I can’t say I’ve ever heard him say anything particularly un-PC until now.  Here he pulls a “Juan Williams”  and finally says something that’s, you know, politically incorrect (as opposed to his usual atheism and Christianity-bashing, which couldn’t be more mainstream and socially acceptable in this day and age).

Those who accuse the once libertarian Bill Maher of becoming too much of a liberal apologist might want to clean their ears. Maher made a Juan Williams-esque confession on his program when he apprehensively noted that Mohammed has just become the most popular baby name in Britain. “Am I a racist to feel alarmed by that?” Maher asked his panel. “Because I am. And it’s not because of the race, it’s because of the religion. I don’t have to apologize, do I, for not wanting the Western world to be taken over by Islam in 300 years?”

Notice he makes the distinction between race and religion, giving himself the benefit of the doubt he’d never grant to somebody on the Right.  But poor fellow, he thinks it’ll take Islam 300 years.  lol.  If only…

His normally boisterous crowd fell silent as the panel responded to Maher’s admission.

“If you’re with NPR,” the conservative Margaret Hoover chimed, “You’d be fired.”

“It’s worse,” Lawrence O’Donnell told Maher. “It’s way worse than what Juan Williams said.” Hoover seemed to agree with this sentiment.

Reihan Salam, a conservative analyst with a Muslim name, also seemed irked by Maher’s comments, noting that he “has some uncles named Mohammed” that are “pretty decent guys.”

Of course, it’s not the name that Maher fears, but the religion. (Any of them, in fact — Maher’s qualms with religion of any sort, Islam or not, are long-standing and well-documented.) Hoover further stoked Maher by claiming that the U.K is saddled with a “far bigger problem” than baby names: Sharia Law, which she said is creeping into England.

“Then I’m right,” Maher said, taking her for her word. “I should be alarmed. And I don’t apologize for it.”


Wonderful!  Reihan Salam knows a dude whose sisters-in-law are married to some Muslims who are pretty decent guys.  Well, that settles it!  Islamize away then!  The classic red herring non-sequitor, reducing the argument to individuals instead of culture, and then imputing to the general from the specific.  Who buys this kind of crap?  It’s not about “Muslims”, Mr. Salam, it’s about ISLAM.  And I don’t apologize for it.

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