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November 1, 2010

Man bows to Car carrying Obama

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This is sad and a bit touching as well.  The weight of history brought this poor man to his knees.  This black man has an excuse to worship at the shrine of Obama.  So he gets a pass from CCHQ.  But what’s your excuse, lilly white Libs?  You have bought into the Leftist line that patriotism is dangerous and unsophisticated, and then fallen for the cult of personality instead?  How very worldly and urbane of you.  You should know better, morons.  He’s just a man.  And because he turned out to be just a man, some of you are now punishing him for the unrealistic expectations you placed in him.  What a debacle.

Black man kneels before Zod.

Job creation should have been President Obama’s priority ‘number one, two and three”, or at least that’s what this retiring Dem congressman believes. Instead he squandered his mandate pushing cap and trade, financial reform, and Obamacare because he and Pelosi knew they’d not have these kinds of majorities again in our lifetime and they had to act quickly before time ran out, which then became a self-fulfilling prophecy– time ran out. They promised not to overreach, but they did it anyway.  This is why the current economy is his.  Rightly or wrongly, that is the perception, and this is why they will be swept on Tuesday.

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