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November 6, 2010

It’s official: Olberman Worst Person in the World

Olbermann canned over what?  MSNBC’s decision is a genuine head-scratcher.  His over the top partisanship is no secret, so of all the great reasons to fire Keith Olbermann, his political contributions strike me as the least of them.   His ratings are in the tank relative to his competitors, he alienates more than half his potential viewers with his over the top and poisonous drivel daily, and by all accounts he’s one of the most personally obnoxious people in the business, but they canned him for a couple of political contributions?  I don’t buy it for a sec.  They were looking for an excuse, and they found one.   Maintaining a semblance of objectivity is the LAST thing on MSNBC’s mind.  That channel has been nothing but a paid advertisement every single hour it is on air for the DNC and Progressive liberal agenda.  As John Nolte at Big Hollywood puts it:

And if you need another shining example of the rank stupidity of NBC’s policy regarding their staff’s political contributions — a policy that won’t allow them to contribute to the politician of their choice off the air but does allow them to contribute 24/7 in-kind contributions using the full power of the NBC/MSNBC network to relentlessly propagandize for the Left on the air  – look no further than here. Olby’s replacement had to be replaced, as though the editor of The Nation donating $250 to some Illinois Dem will somehow undercut his journalistic integrity.The NBC/MSNBC Emperor has no clothes journalistic integrity, but in order to prove he does, the network is killing off emperors. If the network wants to repair their irreparable reputation, someone might suggest they exert more control over what they allow their employees to broadcast and less over their personal affairs.

MSNBC is melting down and there just isn’t enough popcorn to pop, is there?

My guess is his firing was the result of a personal vendetta against him, or perhaps a decision based on ratings (what took them so long?).  Again, a guess, but methinks MSNBC senses the political winds shifting again and wants to raise itself out of the ratings cellar that is Leftwing politics, and this was the only way they could rid themselves of him without alienating their most rabidly Leftwing viewers (“a decision based on principle, not ratings or ideology”).  Here, Queef Uberdouche– who claims not to vote as a “symbolic gesture” (what an absurd little man he is) –rails on Fox News for shilling for Republicans.  Worst. Person. Ever.  Bar none.

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