Counterculture Con HQ

November 8, 2010

To Coin a phrase: “Whiter than a Stewart-Colbert rally.”

Lilly White Liberals

You’ve heard whiter than a Klan rally, whiter than a Presbyterian church service. And now “Whiter than a Stewart-Colbert rally.”

P.S. Seriously, could a convention of the Utah GOP be whiter? I mean, I don’t give a rip — about the color of people at rallies and all that. I consider them people, for better or worse. I don’t consider them skin colors. It’s just that the Left has been nauseating about the tea parties, calling them racist because they have too few black faces. Well, the tea parties look like Nairobi compared with a Stewart-Colbert rally. It was nothing but a sea of Ivory soap. Lily upon lily. Give me a break.

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